In a market flooded with over processed and unhealthy foods, moms everywhere are looking for healthy alternatives that still keep the kids satisfied. Recently, air frying has experienced a wave of popularity with a promise to deliver enjoy fried foods without the same guilt, an alternative to traditional fryers.

People everywhere have turned to Google, Amazon, and other sites to find out just what is so alluring about the air fryer. While the promise is sweet, the question remains: is air frying healthier than regular frying? Well, read on to find out the answer.

But First: What is an Air Fryer?
This is certainly a pertinent question for those new to the ways of air frying. Essentially, this kitchen appliance creates fried foods through the circulation of hot air. The air contains oil droplets that intermingle with the food to create a fried, delicious exterior. The air fryer also allows for a lower fat and calorie levels, lending to the health benefits. Unlike a regular fryer, the food is not submerged in oil. Typically, an air fryer reaches the same outcome as a regular fryer with just one tablespoon of oil.

Air fryers can fry the same foods as a regular fryer, such as potatoes and chicken. It can also fry vegetables, making a faster way to make crispy, tasty vegetables.

There are many brands of air fryer on the market and several sites offering great reviews on different models ( They come at a wide range of prices, suitable for every budget. Most models promise healthy, fast, and delicious food – and are able to deliver on this promise.

More information about air fryers is explained here.

Air Fryer Reduces Fat Content
To begin to answer the health question, findings suggest air fryers can reduce fat content. Again, this is due to the fact that air fryers need significantly less oil. In fact, air fryers are reported to need fifty times LESS oil than regular fryers.

Of course, not all the oil in a regular fryer makes its way into food, but air fried food absorbs significantly less oil. Consuming less fat is beneficial for your health since higher fat intake is connected with increased risk for heart disease, inflammation, and other conditions.

Potential Weight Loss
Air fried foods have a lower calorie count, aiding weight loss goals. Calories are reduced by anywhere from 70 to 80 percent when using an air fryer. Higher calorie intake is tied to a greater chance of obesity. While studies aren’t conclusive between the two, it is general knowledge that cutting calories is one way to encourage weight loss.

With active children or family health concerns, creating a healthier version of classic foods, like French fries, allows for peace of mind.

The Science of Air Frying
Now we’re getting technical: when frying food, a compound called acrylamide can occur. This compound is commonly created when frying carb-rich foods at high temperatures. Studies have produced mixed results, but some connect this compound to increased risk for certain types of cancer.

On the reverse, air frying has been shown to decrease acrylamide levels by 90% in comparison to using a regular fryer. Reducing this compound is a benefit in the pursuit of a healthy life.

The Answer Then?  
At the end of the day, questions surrounding the health of your family can only be answered by you. Of course, fried foods are typically not the healthiest route to take. Everything in moderation is to be considered when curating a healthy menu.

With the facts presented here in mind, there is indication that air frying is a healthier, safer and quicker option in comparison to a traditional deep fryer. Lower fat, less calories, and a reduction of fatty compounds when utilizing an air fryer – while preserving the desired taste of fried foods – keeps fried favorites, from crispy chicken to homemade potato chips, on plates and brings more health to your home.