Every mom knows that motherhood is a full-time job. If you are a working mother, then you have to survive twice as much pressure every single day. Not only do you need to take care of your kids, but you also have to focus on your work. Let’s not forget the additional pressure of taking care of yourself and spending quality time with your husband. All things considered, it definitely isn’t easy.

That is why every mom should use every little tool that works to her advantage. For instance, the fastest way to make your life easier is to use smartphone apps to help with your daily tasks. Luckily, such apps are both common and accessible. c

The biggest challenge for any mom is keeping track of all of her obligations during the day. Most of the time, it is impossible to simply memorize all the different things you need to do. What’s more, many moms are stressed out by having to think about money all the time, since budgeting is especially important when you have kids.

That is where MoneyWiz comes in as a helpful solution. With this financing app, you will have less trouble paying your bills, saving money, and optimizing your spending. You will never forget to pay a bill again, and you will always have a clear view of your finances.

Every mom’s greatest concern is the health and well-being of her children. Unfortunately, children tend to fall ill every now and then regardless of how well you take care of them. Those times are incredibly stressful for any parent who doesn’t happen to be a physician.

However, with the WebMD app, you will have fast access to reliable knowledge on all kinds of medical issues. Not only will you be able to figure out what your kid is dealing with, but you will also find plenty of advice on healthy living. Naturally, every serious condition needs to be treated by an actual doctor. However, WebMD is a great way to calm your nerves and get a general idea of what to do.

 Cozi is another app which helps you handle information. However, this free app works with all kinds of information, not just your financial data. If you use Cozi, you will find it way easier to handle schedules, to-do lists, calendars, and reminders. What’s more, Cozi even includes a family journal, where you can easily store your important family memories, as well as let other people know about those moments. You can even store recipes on Cozi. This app can be used on both your computer and your phone. It is guaranteed to make your life easier.

Being good at budgeting is an essential part of parenthood. With the ShopSavvy app, you are one step closer to becoming a true expert at shopping. Namely,  when you were a child, your mother had to run all over town to compare the prices of groceries and find the best deals. Nowadays, you can do all that with a phone app. ShopSavvy can inform you about the best deals for just about anything, from expensive school stuff to baby formula. That way, you will be able to save a lot of time, which you can then spend doing something more pleasant than checking out stores.

Here is another free app which you can use to organize your bills. What’s more, this app lets you manage all your accounts from one place. You will have a clear overview of all your balances and the due dates for your bills. In fact, a notification system will alert you every time a payment date approaches. No longer will you have to riffle through stacks of papers on your desk endlessly. Instead, with Manilla, you will be able to let go of the stress of impending bills and focus on more important matters.

Online Slots 
Even moms need to unwind from time to time. There are many fun and relaxing apps out there. For example, many apps nowadays allow you to play online slots games on your phone. You don’t necessarily have to gamble with real money since most of these games can be played for free. What you do want is to pick a good online casino offering you a great selection of games. 

Have you found something you like? 
All the apps listed here are either fun or practical. However, this list is far from complete. Today, you can literally find thousands of free apps performing all kinds of tasks for you. None of them take longer than a minute or two to download and install. Make sure you check out a couple of reviews and articles to find out which ones are the best of the bunch.