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When you have a family to cater to, you could do with saving as much money as possible in every area possible. After all, kids are expensive and you could always do with as much disposable income kept aside as possible to meet their needs. Now, there’s plenty of advice out there telling you to cut non essentials out of your life in order to save. But you can save when it comes to the essentials that you already pay for anyway too! Here are a few different ways to cut costs in areas that you may feel you have to fork out for.

Your Cell Phone
So many of us spend so much more on our cell phone contracts than we need to. We are offered renewals on our contract when it runs out, and are often lured into taking out a brand new contract at a higher price than our initial contract, as well as putting down an extra payment for the sake of having a new and upgraded phone. Sure, new shiny phones may well be appealing. But a lot of the time you could actually find the same bundle elsewhere at a smaller monthly contract rate and with a lower down payment if you just take the time to shop around. Most mobile sales people rely on laziness to real people back into the same contract they’ve always had. But if you want to make sure you’re getting the best offer for your money, use price comparison sites before signing up to any new contract. Why not try out Money Saving Pro's new calculator to see how much you can save! You can find it here www.moneysavingpro.com/cell-phone-plans/calculator/

Your Vehicle
Sure, you need your vehicle to get from A to B without being tied into the various problems that come hand in hand with relying on public transport. But so many of us sign up to finance options or loans that have undesirable interest rates. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to be tied into these until you have completely paid your car and the agreed interest off. Instead, you can take out a refinance car loan. This will allow you to pay off your current agreement outright and then renew your agreement with a new lender at a lower interest rate, consequently spending less in the overall process.

Your Vehicle Insurance
If you have a car, you’re going to need car insurance - it’s a legal essential. The key to finding the cheapest quote is to play around with different settings on price comparison sites to determine what you can do to reduce your spending. While you may want your car to be solely for your own use, allowing another individual to be on your insurance policy and use the vehicle every once in a while can dramatically reduce your quote if they have had a licence for longer than you have. You could also consider offering to pay a higher voluntary contribution. If you opt to contribute a larger amount towards repairs to your vehicle, your policy will work out cheaper. Just remember to make sure that the amount you offer to pay is something that you could realistically afford!

Implementing these changes is a relatively simple process, so start cutting costs sooner rather than later!