Everyplace in our homes have a different story to tell! Each of the rooms have a different purpose to serve and are exclusively made for that. When it comes to constructing a house, every section that is made, is paid individual attention for the specific requirements. You need a distinguished design for the kitchen, for a bedroom, and definitely a bathroom. Also, if we talk about the parts of the house which are detached from the main building like a garage or a store house, they need to have a specific design too.

 When you plan to upgrade your house, just like the design, you need to pay attentions to the detailings of all the segments of the house for perfect results. Most of the times, in the endeavour to upgrade our homes, we tend to neglect the garages and miss out on the opportunity to make use of a generally unused space.

Our garages can prove to be a hidden treasure if used judiciously. It can be used for many other purposes instead of just parking your beasts. But that can happen if you upgrade your garage in the right manner with the sole aim of using the space to the fullest. We bring to you are few steps which you can use to upgrade your garage in the best possible manner.

Improve The Storage System- most of the houses have a sizeable garage which eats up the major space of the area outside the main building. If used properly, your garage can itself prove to be a storehouse for your home. To improve the storage capacity of your garage, you can take up the option of installing a ceiling storage system. This can prove to be one of the best way to use your ceiling and make it a storage solution. The customisation is up to you totally.

Along with the ceiling, the walls can also be put to use for sorting out the storage problem in the garage. You can make a simple tool rack on any of the walls of the garage like a hinged pegboard or a rolling pegboard. If you possess a lot of tools and would want them all to be set up in one place, in wide light, then you can also choose the option of a wall-mounted foldable bench. There is no better way to keep all your tools, big or small, in one place.

Modern Way Of Security- one aspect of your updation of the garage store is to make significant changes in its security control systems. You cannot just rely on the old, conventional methods of the house protection like manned guarding, and consider the same for garage security. Use security cameras paired with an alarming system so that any intrusion can be reported instantly.

Along with the new security systems that you must install in your garage, you must think about changing the doors of your garage. It will be beneficial if the gates that you think to put up are automatic doors just like the ones by Attenborough Doors Ltd. as obvious the automated doors will be connected to a signal system and will not let anyone enter without authorised access. These gates will be the best replacement for the old doors that do not have any such mechanism and can be unlocked by just breaking a lock.

Improved Lighting- lighting in the garage is very important for the correct positioning of your car during the night and also when you are doing any repair work in the garage. When you plan to do the interiors of the house, make sure you pay attention to those of the garage. With all the new changes in the interior, if at all, you may have to reconsider the lighting solutions of the garage. You can choose to go traditional with the old lamps and bulbs or you may be the funky, new stylist and choose the modern styled lights like the LEDs and lamps.

Control The Functioning Of The Garage- after setting up all the fancy equipments, an automated door, a security system and the fancy lights in your garage, the best thing you will do for your convenience and to upgrade the functionality of the garage, you must sync all the functions of the garage with your phone. The OS of an Iphone, with the help of Siri and Raspberry Pi can help you manage all the functions of the garage like opening the door, turning on the lights, closing the garage etc. for your ease of access.