Does your home look a little old, dreary and dusty? Then, it’s time to update it. A home is like any purchase or product. If you leave it without changes or updates, it will fall out of date and out of fashion. You don’t want that. A home should be a haven. It should be everything you ever dreamed it could be. Well, if you make the right choices with your design, that’s exactly what can happen.

Unless you’re a fan of vintage or you have a theme in mind, we suggest that you opt to style your home with a modern, contemporary aesthetic. In doing so, your property will look like it belongs on the pages of a show home magazine. But how do you do this? Well, there are a few steps you can take here, choosing the right furniture, accessories and even the right tech.

Let’s start with the overall design, and for that, we need to consider minimalism. With minimalism, you can ensure that your home does have a modern feel. It will be very clean, cool and chic. But how do you achieve this type of home design?

Achieving Minimalist Decor

The first step is to look at each room in your home and decide whether there are any pieces of furniture that you don’t need or that don’t fit. There probably will be at least a few in each area of your property. For instance, you really only need enough chairs for the people living there. So, rather than having six chairs around your breakfast bar, consider just opting for two.

Think about the accessories you really love and the ones that were a gift from a cousin twice removed. Consider the elements and items that make your room design and the ones that take away from it. You’ll have a lot of different accessories to consider, and it’s important that you find the ones that intrude on the room design and remove them.

If you are interested in making larger changes, don’t just stop once you have cleared each room of clutter. Instead, make sure that you look at the larger elements of the spaces in your home. For instance, look at the flooring. If you have carpet, this does add texture to your room design, but it also restricts the minimalistic potential.

Instead, you should consider opting for something like laminate flooring. The benefit of laminate flooring is that it will give you whichever aesthetic you want. It could be marble, stone, granite, hardwood or anything else you can think of. The aesthetic of virtually any natural material can be created in your home if you choose to invest in laminate flooring. The best part is that laminate flooring is also cheap so it will fit into a range of different budgets.

Add Some Decals

You don’t want your walls to be completely bare. However, at the same time, you don’t want to add decorations that are going to intrude on the room. A couple pieces of modern art would be a great start as long as they are placed correctly and add to the overall decor.

You might also want to think about trying some decals on the wall. Decals can be very unique and personalised. As such, they can give your home and rooms in your home a brilliant, bold look. The best thing about wall decals is that they are incredibly easy to add. They can be stuck to the wall, and when you want to remove them, they just peel off.

Make sure that you take a look at some of the different decals on the market. There are plenty to choose from including 3D effects that could look absolutely fantastic. At the very least, these decals are often popular for the bedroom because they are a simple, cheap way to add a lot more life and character.

Taking Tech To The Next Level

Alternatively, you can think about adding some new tech to your home. There are lots of different choices to consider here. A simple place to start would be with smart lights. Smart lights are fantastic as a design choice because they use very little energy and can be controlled by your smartphone or tablet. But that’s not all. These smart lights also change color and can be programmed to be anything from yellow to purple. This is a great way to completely alter the aesthetic of the room and make it look totally different. It’s also quick and easy to change the lighting color when you get bored of one shade.

This of course, is really just the start of the smart tech that you can think about investing in. You might think that smart technology has nothing to do with design but don’t be so sure. Ignoring the fact that modern smart tech often has the most pleasing designs, you may want to look into the smart wall. The small wall is a very cool, modern concept.

With the smart wall, this area of your home is touch sensitive, and it can be used to change a range of different things in your property or alter the look and design of the wall. It’s like having a massive green screen in your home. You will need home high speed internet for this to work, but once you have it, this can become the greatest centrepiece of your property.

Since we’re on the subject of tech, we do need to think about how technology fits into your home design. The days are gone when the basic tech in your home was the centrepiece feature of a room. Now, you need to make sure that the tech fits in with the rest of the design. So, when you purchase tech, you need to think about whether it fits with the room. In other words, don’t buy the HD TV if its black and the rest of your room furniture is silver steel.

And again, we need to consider whether the tech is intruding on the room style. These days, tech like TVs should be like art. They should be on the wall, flat and barely be noticeable as part of the room except as a beautiful piece of the overall decor.

Creating Open Space

Open space is another feature of the modern home design, and it is definitely part of a minimalist home. To make sure that your rooms are as open and spacious as possible, you may wish to hide furniture when it’s not in use. Thanks to the latest modern designs there are a couple of ways that you can do this.

For instance, you can buy furniture that fits inside other pieces, a little like a puzzle. For instance, you might have a dining cabinet that contains three chairs as well as the main table. This fun quirky furniture is available on the market, and it’s a great choice if your home is a little cramped and crowded when it comes to levels of space.

Alternatively, you can also look into furniture that folds away against the wall. This isn’t a new idea, and that type of furniture was popular in the nineties. Now, it’s slowly becoming popular again in homes. This is mainly due to the fact that properties bought these days are more likely to be compact, providing very little extra space.


This might seem a little like the idea of a minimalist home, and it’s true there are similarities. But the industrial design is a tad different. An example of this would be the lighting. Typically, you might think about putting shades over your light bulbs. There are definitely some cool design choices that you could take advantage of if you decided to do this. But if you want your home to look modern, you might leave them completely bare.

You could just have the bulb hanging down from the ceiling on the wire. This, believe it or not, does look very stylish and fits in well with the type of design that you will typically see in new builds on the market.

Of course, to match, you also need to think about the type of furniture that you want to invest in. Basically, you should be look for furniture with very little regarding razzle-dazzle. The material should be fairly plain, but that doesn’t mean that the furniture is going to be dull. Industrial style furniture can have some cool shapes and designs that will look awesome as part of your home.

Another example of industrial design would be the handles on doors, cupboards and drawers. Changing your handles is a great way to give your home a fresh style at a low cost. You would be amazed by the impact this little feature has on the overall look of your property. For an industrial look, choose basic handles, often steel, with hard cut edges.

We hope this helps you create the ultimate contemporary home design for your property.