Time flies so fast you won’t even know it passed you by. That’s the thing with babies too—they grow up rapidly. One day, he’s just learning how to take the first step, but the next thing you know, he is already riding a bicycle without the training wheels. If you’re a parent, this is an emotional dilemma that may have also crossed your mind.

How do you capture your baby’s youth without spending money or stressing about it? The solution is composed of two things: one, you need a decent camera (or a phone with really nice specs), and two, you have to learn some basic baby photography techniques. Prepare your photo book because you’re about to fill it after learning how to take photos like a pro with the pointers below.

Know Your Equipment
Have you read your camera manual? Utilize all the nice features of your device by reading the guide before staging your child for a pose. Just familiarize yourself with which buttons to press, what are ISO and its uses, when to increase your shutter speed, and other technical stuff that can help you get better images. Most importantly, find a way to do away with the flash; at times, it distracts or upsets your baby while causing problems like an unnatural glare or a red-eye.

More Is Always Better
Take as many photos as you can. Don’t worry about perfecting the angle or the lighting as you take the shots. Anyway, you can always adjust the lighting afterward if you’re not satisfied with its initial placement.

Once you think you have enough, sort out the good ones from the bad images. Promptly delete the not-so-good ones to free up memory storage to capture more moments.

Choose Your Concept
There are various ideas when it comes to concepts, whether you want a candid pose or a staged one. Just make sure every shot is creative but still looks a bit natural.

Don’t be afraid to take a snapshot when he looks messy after playing in the garden or when he’s looking too grumpy after not getting his favorite sugary snack. Or if you want to take something fancy, dress up your baby and prep his stage.

Consider the Background
Keep the background artistically organized and simple. As much as possible, try to avoid a lot of patterns, vivid colors, or siblings photobombing the shot. You should limit the distractions in the image to give more focus on your subject. Let your child be the center of attention to anyone who is looking at the photo.

Find the Perfect Timing
Babies are sensitive subjects to photograph. They get bored or distracted easily, and they don’t have any problem in letting you know when they’re already tired or uncomfortable.

No worries though. All you have to do is to time the picture-taking perfectly. You know your baby’s schedule and routine, so take the shots when they are happiest or most energetic within the day.

Keep the Props to a Minimum
Choose outfits and props that do not require effort or attention. Moreover, select colors that are neutral so they don’t steal the spotlight. Does it limit your concept, or do you think your picture will look too simple for your taste? Then use a visual interest in the scene.

Consider Your Baby’s Welfare
No picture is worth your child’s comfort or safety. Therefore, you should think of ways to make your picture-taking sesh a little less risky and a lot more fun. For instance, you can put your child on the floor to ensure they don’t roll off and hurt themselves. Or give them a toy, and play some music to entertain them throughout the activity.

Final Note
Planning and timing are as important as skills and concept when it comes to baby photography. But sometimes, candid moments can surprise you as well.

You don’t have to worry though since you have just learned basic but effective pointers to get good images. Just remember to tiptoe the common mistakes of most photographers, newbies or professionals alike, and you’re good to go.

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the moment. Although picture-worthy moments may not come as often as you want, it doesn’t really mean you cannot relish it as it happens. It’s easy to forget that when you’re on stealth mode or parent photographer mode. Remember to capture moments and create memories as you bond with your kid.