Everyone has a bucket list don’t they? Things they want to try and achieve or do in their lifetime. It’s no surprise that some of these things will be repeated on many lists across our nation, even the world. We all strive to have experiences, make memories for our families and improve our lives. Being a Mom, I have my aspirations. Some of which I think will be on the majority of Moms bucket lists. Here are five of the things I think you will see every time.

To make some self-improvements
In one way or another, we would like to improve ourselves. This could be in a physical sense or your mental mindset. Some people want to enhance their physical appearance and may work towards cosmetic procedures. Others may look towards repairing things and making improvements that way. Perhaps laser eye surgery so they don’t have to wear glasses or contact lenses. Some may want to work on their teeth to improve their smile.

Travel the world
It might be a real obvious one, but travelling will always sit high on a bucket list. Especially for me as I love to travel. There’s something about visiting new and exciting places. The perfect way to make the memories that last a lifetime. This could be as simple as visiting local places, or more extreme like swimming with dolphins or whale watching. The world is a big place and is just there waiting for us to go and explore it. Travelling with children can be hard, but so rewarding.

Live in another country
Some moms may take the travel element one step further and aspire to live in another country. They may want to experience a new work environment. Or have their children discover a new educational system. It could be to sample new lifestyles. Or even take the opportunity to improve their own. Whatever the reason may be living in another country will always appeal to many of us. It’s an exciting and nerve-wracking experience for anyone.

Career progression
If you are a working mom, then career progression may be a high priority for you. You may have that end goal of what you want to achieve before you leave the working world behind. You may have targets you want to hit. A pay rise to obtain.Or it could be that you want to work for yourself and strike that home and work life balance right. Perhaps it will be trading, and taking advantage of CMC markets and doing it from home, starting a blog and a new career in writing, or even just taking advantage of online side hustles to boost the family income.

Lifestyle and home Life
Finally, the last thing you will see on many moms bucket list is a need to improve their lifestyle or home life. This could be anything from trying to find the right balance between work and home. It could be to increase fitness and health to feel better about themselves. It might be as simple as trying to be more organised to have a better home life experience. We as moms are always trying to make things better for ourselves. In any way we can.

Do you recognise some of these to be on your bucket list?