The floor is one of the key visual design aspects of a room that can influence just how the rest of the furniture and accessories look. Besides choosing a style to fit it, you should also think about which steps and additions best play into their appeal. Here, we’re going to look at how you can make flooring more than an afterthought and really help it make the most impact in a room. You can learn more about best vacuum for hardwood floors here on

Does it need a little warmth?
Carpet might be fine without the need for any additional softer touches, but for harder floors, you might want to consider offering a few spaces that more tactile and welcoming. Rugs can drastically improve your interiors, but you should be strategic in your use of them. The appeal of a wood floor, for instance, shouldn’t be undermined by dropping enough rugs as to cover it up entirely. However, considering the areas where you get the most foot traffic, as well as where people are likely to rest their feet when resting, it can ensure that the room doesn’t look too bare or hard.

Light it up
Your flooring can entirely change how lighting works in a room, just as much as the color of your walls, in most cases. Hard flooring tends to let light travel through a room more freely. Adding a floor lamp just off-center or choosing lighter window treatments to allow more natural light in can be enough to brighten up a room considerably. For softer choices like carpet which can often absorb more of that light, dotting accent lighting around the room can create a warmer atmosphere.

Care for your floor
One should never neglect to consider how much care and maintenance the floor needs when choosing the type of material that they are going to select. Even though it may be much easier to clean and more resilient in general, hardwood floor restoration can help you get rid of the marks, scratches, and other imperfections that can build over time. If you have carpeted floors, then it’s essential to invest in a vacuum that can get deep into the fabric, or has a carpet washing feature, too.

Accessorize its best features
What is the core appeal of the floor type that you’ve chosen? From floor seating to focal point placement, figuring this out can help you accessorize it to the best possible degree. For instance, a plush carpet brings with it the idea of a cozy, comfortable home, so your room could feel much more welcoming with a generous placement of cushions and footstools. With a natural floor, more natural additions like a floor houseplant can contrast the slightly duller tone with a splash of color without being too distracting.

Whether you’re going for carpet, wooden flooring, laminate, or something else, you have to design around and with it, as opposed to simply treating it like it can be ignored. It’s the aesthetic backdrop to all your other choices, after all. Hopefully, the tips above help you make the best use of your flooring.