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How Substance Abuse Can Lead To Obesity

12:30 PM

One of the worst things associated with addiction is substance abuse. For the people that are not familiar to this concept, substance abuse generally tends to be the phase where a person starts to get intense with the addiction.
In simpler words, the intensity of addiction substance intake rises to a considerable extent, which can literally have devastating effects on the body. As a matter of fact, substance abuse in serious cases can cause hysteria, dilemma, hallucinations, and aggressiveness and in worst cases can prove to be lethal as well. Substance abuse has a major role to play in inducing obesity as well. This article emphasizes on the three most common ways in which substance abuse can be the leading reason behind your body gaining a lot of weight.

Substance abuse and its effects
Off late, a lot of research is being performed all over the world in order to gain a clearer understanding of the complex relationship between substance abuse and obesity. One of the things that can be understood is that both of these conditions are self-inflicted and thus can be contained as well.

· The brain wishes to get rewarded
Dopamine is a happy hormone, since it induces a feeling of satisfaction, reward and happiness in us. Usually when we see food items that are salty, savory, and spicy and contained fat, dopamine is released. This causes the brain to anticipate the need for that particular foo item.

The most common types of such food include cheeseburgers, hamburgers, sausages and such fatty items. When we eat such food, our brain processes the entire state as a form of reward and thus releases dopamine. Once we are full, our brain is refreshed, happy and satisfied. The food item isn’t that rewarding anymore and thus unwanted. However, the state is delusional as our body still craves for the food item even more, eventually causing us to have it on a regular basis.

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· Drugs induce lethargy
Most of the common drugs induce lethargy in our body. We feel euphoric and “at peace”. Essentially, our nerves are relaxed to a considerable extent which means that eventual body movement is lowered. With this lack of exercise needed by our body, we tend to get obese as the fat starts to condense.

For instance, marijuana is known to make a person settle down, relax and feel euphoric. It can make a person lethargic and thus reduce body movement considerably. Alcohol on the other hand induces fat in the body, also referred to as a “pot belly.” These can cause obesity if not controlled within a due time.

· Dopamine is the culprit
While dopamine is a good hormone, it does not have the positive effects in every case. Extensive dopamine release causes our body to crave for the condition on a regular basis. In simpler words our body asks for the substance or food in order to relive the “happy state.”

As a result, our body starts to develop an extensive urge for the particular food or substance which grows impossible to control. For consolidated help with drug rehabs in Florida, visit the link at

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