Its inevitable that as we grow older, the parents who once cared for and nurtured us require care themselves. Theres a huge range of circumstances in which the elderly could use a helping hand, but your priority as their child is to maintain their health and happiness as they move into their silver years. This article guides you through some of your considerations and responsibilities towards your parents, detailing ways in which you can keep them comfortable, fulfilled and safe well into old age.

This is the big one, and will often be the most contentious between generations. Thats because, at some stage in their lives, aging people are unable to tend to or even navigate a larger home set over more than one floor. At this stage - with the risk of their falling over or living in destitution rising - a frank and honest conversation about a downsizing move to a bungalow is required. The majority of elderly falls happen when climbing up or down staircases, and even with a stairlift installed, the risk doesnt go away. Helping your folks find a new place theyre comfortable in will be the best case for them as they age.

Its good practice to check in on your elderly folks regularly so as to ensure theyre in good health, fine spirits, and that theyre not concerned about anything. All too often, older people choose to ignore nagging health problems and constant pains which can either be a sign of early illness or simply wears them out over time. Make sure youre caring for the health of your elderly relatives by asking them if theyve got any pains if theyre taking their medication, and if they have any doctors appointments upcoming you should know about.

Its unsurprising that elderly people consider it an indignity to walk with a zimmer frame or get around on a manual wheelchair. Its a sign that theyre not as mobile as they once were. However, purchasing manual wheelchairs, or perhaps a lightweight wheelchair, can be easily done and it can be helpful for elderly folks unable to walk long distances. Theyll still be able to enjoy days out with the grandkids, even if some of that time is spent sitting down and being wheeled around. The same can be said for a variety of products for the elderly, including a simple walking stick to help balance when indoors.

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One of the problems reported by swathes of old people as they age is what they perceive is their burdensome influence on their family. They believe theyre a hindrance to the lives of those caring for them. As a carer and relative, making them feel valued is all about tackling this issue, and about telling them, youre enjoying caring for them. Ultimately, caring for your elderly relatives is about paying back the decades of care theyve given you, and being able to establish a new kind of relationship with your folks as they age can be a wonderfully fulfilling experience.

These tips should help you think about caring for your elderly relatives as they pass through old age.