Women have been fighting for true gender equality since the dawn of time, and in modern times, we are so close to finally having it. Of course, so long as the old mentality lives on within the leaders of the world (CEOs, political leaders, and even the older generation), it can be difficult to make as much progress as we should.

Just because it can feel like the world is working against you, that does not mean that you cannot succeed in the business world. Yes, it can be difficult to secure that CEO position at your company, but that has as much to do with nepotism as it does with gender-bias. Instead, it’s time to look at your future. You can start your own very successful company, whether you have dreams of global domination or want to start your own boutique online. Whatever your goal, follow this guide to help you get there.

Outline Your Goals
The first step to success is to understand the steps you need to take. By outlining your goals and researching them, you can break down these goals into steps. Even one small bit of progress is enough because over time, these steps add up and you can achieve your dreams.

Create a Business Plan
In most cases, these steps should be compiled into a business plan. A great business plan takes a lot of research into your industry, the tech involved, and your competition. Not only is creating it useful to keep yourself on track, but it can also be invaluable for obtaining the funding you need to set your company up and become a success.

Choose the Right Business Model for You
Depending on your goals, the right type of business model can vary from traditional store-operations to an online craft store managed entirely by yourself. For most, starting their own business is a huge risk. By instead starting a business from home and managing that part-time during its proof-of-concept phase, you can avoid the financial instability and keep your day job until you feel comfortable enough.

To do this, you will need to build an e-commerce store. To help you with the design and management, check out these top Shopify stores for inspiration. They became a success, and you can too.

Build Your Company
Now that you know what you are going to do and what particular business model you are going to use to get there, it is time to build up your company. For online stores, this means setting up the website, obtaining the domain name, and generating the content you need to make sales. It is also wise to learn marketing and SEO strategies.

Market, Market, Market
If you aren’t marketing, you aren’t doing your job. It is critical that you stay visible and aim at building your online community every day. This is how you build lifelong relationships and how you grow your company into a huge success. You won’t always get it right the first time, but keep trying and use your results to better your marketing strategy going forward.

You can own and run your own business. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman. It doesn’t matter if others don’t believe in you. Take your success into your own hands, and with these tips, you can make your dreams come true.