Quite simply, being a mom is great! There are so many moments filled with absolute joy that you cherish for the rest of your life; your kids first steps, their first words, the first time they ride a bike, the first time they truly laugh with you. It’s all truly magical.

But there are also moments filled with frustration and anger, and that happens to every parent. It doesn’t make you a bad mom to feel like that because it happens to everyone.
One way to lessen the impact of those moments is by becoming an even happier mom. There are numerous ways to lift your mood and be more joyous, from not being afraid to ask for help to find the time for a coffee and a chat with a friend.

We’ve put together this list of 10 ways to be an even happier mom today.

Ask for help
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There is no shame in getting a friend or relative to lend a hand when it comes to looking after the kids. It is especially true when it comes to the grandparents. Over 42 percent of grandparents now see their grandchildren on a weekly basis, and they’re only too happy to help out. If you and your partner want to let your hair down and relax by going on an out-of-town weekend away or simply want to head out for dinner and a movie one night, then ask someone you trust to look after the kids. You’ll get the downtime you need, and the chances are that the person you ask will jump at the chance to spend time with your little ones.

Leave the house
Cabin fever isn’t a condition just restricted to sailors. Moms can suffer from it too. Spending too long indoors can send even the most level-headed mom crazy, so get outside and breathe in the air. Sunlight, nature and fresh air are believed to be critical mood enhancers for women, in particular, so whether it’s taking the stroller out or heading to the park for a little bit, get yourself outdoors and help lift your mood.

Get enough sleep
A difficult one we know, given the fact that 52% of moms report having less than seven hours sleep a night, but finding a way to get your eight hours sleep back will mean you are less tired, less stressed and therefore a much happier mom. There’s no one answer to the problem of sleep deprivation, and every mom has to discover what works best for them, but one possible solution for those with newborns is to sleep while baby sleeps, grabbing 40 winks whenever you can.

Exercise regularly
We all know that one mom who has her six-pack back less than a week after giving birth. That’s not achievable for the vast majority of us, but regular exercise can make moms happier. Exercise is proven to be a mood lifter as it is, but the effects are particularly potent when it comes to moms as it can feel almost self-indulgent as you do something for yourself for once. Joining a class or a gym has the added benefit of putting you in the company of other adults as well, which can prove to be a nice break.

Find time to have fun
If you want to be a happy mom, then you need to find time to have fun yourself. Whether you love soaking in the bath for an hour with a magazine, getting engrossed in a good book or playing no deposits bingo online, try and schedule in at least a couple of hours a week where you get some ‘you’ time. It can make all the difference.

Do something nice for someone else
You probably think that you are rushed off your feet as it is having to look after your own family, so where would you find the time to help others? However, it’s quite easy to do something nice for somebody else. When you are making your homemade pasta for dinner, why not double the quantity and offer a bowl full to your next-door neighbors with a newborn baby?  When you help other people, it makes you feel good about yourself, and if you feel good about yourself, chances are you are going to be happier.

Hang out with you friends
Having kids to look after doesn’t mean that you have to chuck your social life out of the window for good. In fact, you need that social life to keep you sane at times! Make time for a coffee with your friends or a play date with each other’s kids. If they are moms too, chances are the topic of conversation will steer onto being a parent at some point, which is a great way to pick up ideas and support. If they aren’t, then just having a good gossip can be all you need to lift your mood.

Bend the rules
The best thing about being the rule maker is that you can also be a rule breaker! Everybody likes to feel a little bit naughty from time to time and bending the rules can make your kids feel happier and valued as well. Breaking the “no television before bed” rule or the “no chocolate before dinner” rule will spice up the day, remove the mundane and make everyone that little bit happier. Just don’t do it regularly as otherwise, it will lose the magic.

Forgive and forget
Forgiving and forgetting works in two ways. Firstly, you need to forgive and forget yourself if you lose your temper or are overly harsh, as self-hating is not the path to happiness. Nobody is perfect, and all mom’s make mistakes, so don’t beat yourself when it happens. Secondly, you need to forgive and forget when your kids are a nightmare. Deal with it at the time but don’t brood over it. The quicker you can let things go, the sooner you’ll find yourself back in a happy place.

Laugh your head off
When we laugh, our brains release a chemical called serotonin which makes us happy. Perhaps this is the best piece of advice of all! Laugh at everything and anything. Laughter makes a happy house and if something funny happens, don’t be afraid to show everyone how much you’ve enjoyed it. Your kids will love seeing mom lose herself, and laughing together as a family is one of the best feelings there is.