For an adult, moving house is a big deal. There is a lot of organising, packing, house hunting, school hunting, area hunting - it’s a lot of hunting but without any guns! Moving from house to house is a normal thing for an adult, because we make a conscious choice to improve our situation, and if moving to a new property is the way to go, it’s what we do. Children, on the other hand, don’t get the choice.

Children go where their parents tell them to go, whether they want to or not. This doesn’t mean that we ignore our children’s wishes, but it does mean that parents act in their best interests and make the executive decision to move on where necessary. Given the upheaval that happens without choice, children are forced to move and that can make the move a hardship. You may well have excitedly searched homes for sale and closed on your dream house, but have you thought about how to make it easier on the children? Well, we’ve got five tips for getting the kids through a house move in one piece.
Person Giving Keys on Man

Get Them Involved. Children do better when they feel like they have a say, even if they don’t really. They need to be notified so that they can prepare themselves for it. This means walking around the new neighbourhood and getting to know the new school district. You could even visit the local parks and playgrounds so that they can see that the area isn’t scary.

Limited Control. The children cannot choose where they move to, but they can choose their bedroom colours and decor. They can also help you to furnish their new bedroom. Getting them to feel included will help them to alleviate their fears.

Move Before School. If your kids are school age, try to move before the school year begins. If they’re mid year, try to wait until the next summer break. The disruption of being the new kid in the middle of the year isn’t easy, but if they start at the new year they can make friends much easier.

Stay In Routine. Children need stability and if you change the routine too much, their reactions will be evident and worrying. You need to keep the routines for meals and bedtimes as consistent as possible if you want them to feel at home as fast as possible.

Make It Fun. Children will imitate your behaviour so if they see that you are feeling stressed, this is how they will behave. As much as possible, keep the worry and stressed feelings to one side in front of the children and then they’ll feel more in control with the entire moving process.

A house move isn’t always going to be for good reasons, but when there are children involved there is no room for you to think of yourself. You need to think of them first and the impact that this move will have on them.