Young or old, we all want to look our best, and sometimes to do this, it can feel like we are in a never-ending battle with the march of Time. You’ll be pleased to discover though, that there are are many tricks and tactics that you can employ help you stop time taking a toll on your health and appearance. A topic you can read more about in my post below.

Something that can help you look not only as young as possible but also as attractive and confident as possible too is to have a good posture. Sadly, with so many of us spending the majority of our days sitting at a desk and tapping away at a keyboard having the correct posture can be a challenge.

 Of course, there are things we can do to improve this including ensuring that our desk setup is as ergonomically designed as possible. This may require you to invest in a back support, an adjustable chair, or even a riser for your laptop or computer screen.

You may even wish to take things a little further and invest in an adjustable desk and a treadmill. Something that can help improve your posture as well as keep you fit and healthy even while your work.

Many women don't give much thought to their ears, or their hearing health, but this can be a major mistake if you want to stop time taking its toll. After all, there is little point spending a fortune on expensive treatments that snatch the face, only to be let down by saggy earlobes!

To that end, it's a good idea to limit larger and heavier earrings so as not to stretch out your piercing holes, something that can make you look older than you are.

Also, if you do experience an issue with your hearing its best to invest in a low profile device like this lifeear hearing amplifier that can be worn without anyone noticing. The reason being that problem hearing can make you seem much older than you are and is something that is entirely unnecessary to struggle with, as there are so many products that can help on the market.

Of course, having gorgeous bright and sparkling eyes is something we all want. However, there are other issues that you need to address around the eye area as well if you're going to stop time in its tracks.

In particular, I'm talking about wrinkle and crows feet here, something that many people don't do enough about until it's too late. Happily, there are some simple tactics you can use to keep your eye area looking as young as possible. These include a good skin care routine which cleanses but doesn't pull at the delicate skin around the eyes.

Also, remember that there are plenty of age-targeted creams out there that can help plump up the under eye area and minimize any fine lines.

Lastly, if you want to keep looking young for as long as possible, be sure that you have the right prescription for your glasses and wear sunglasses wherever you go outside. Otherwise, you will end up squinting and not realizing and cause wrinkles that will help time to take an unnecessary toll.