Whether you’re in the process of opening a new salon or revamping your establishment, investing in quality equipment can contribute to the overall success of your business. When shopping for new equipment you should give extra consideration to the type of pedicure chairs that you purchase. After all, manicures and pedicures account for the large chunk of the business that your salon generates. Therefore, you’ll want to thoroughly research the different types of pedicure chairs on the market to determine which brand is the best fit for your salon.

Importance of Quality Pedicure Chairs
The quality of the pedicure chairs you select is essential because they ultimately determine the comfort level your clients can expect. Of course, as a salon owner customer satisfaction and comfortability is important to you. There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in a well-cushioned chair that adjusts to the curves of the body. In fact, you want your customers to feel pampered every time they sit in one of your chairs. It makes the experience all the more worthwhile. If it or not, how comfortable your salon chairs are can be a determine whether customers return to be serviced again.

Check out these important buying tips to ensure that you purchase the perfect pedicure chairs.

Where Will You Be Buying Them From?
It may be tempting to go the cheaper route and purchase your pedicure chairs from an overseas vendor but you’ll likely be compromising on quality. When you purchase them from well-known manufacturers in the U. S there are several added benefits which include:

An extended warranty: which means you can send the chairs back or have them replaced in the event that they don't live up to your standards.

Customer Service - Buying from a company with a knowledgeable customer service team can make a big difference. You should be able to reach the customer service team by phone, email or in person if necessary so that you’ll have all the information you need on the chairs.

When you purchase from a reputable company you’ll be able to easily find replacement parts when it’s time to make a repair on your pedicure chairs.

Quality after-sale technical support often available through reputable manufacturers.

When shopping for salon pedicure chairs look for brands that have been in business for some time. These companies are likely to have generated lots of reviews over the years which you can reference to make a buying decision.

How Will Acetone Affect The Pedicure Chairs?
Of course, when shopping for pedicure chairs you’ll come across all types of chairs with different features and colors. However, the deciding factor will be how acetone affects the materials they're made from. Acetone is harsh and it can ruin the beautiful finish on the chairs. Most modern brand of pedicure chairs is acetone proof or acetone resistant. Salon owners should make sure that whatever chairs they purchase have been labeled as such. Chairs with acrylic bases won’t get damaged by acetone if in the event of a spill is cleaned up rapidly. Pedicure chairs with gel coats won’t get ruined by acetone no matter how long it stays on the chair. 

Warranty Information
It’s wise to invest in chairs that are accompanied with a warranted. Granted, most warranties on pedicure chairs are limited. This means that not every part is covered under the warranty during the life of the chair. In fact, limited warranties only cover normal wear and tear. Typically, an extended warranty can be purchased for an additional cost. Buyers should be confident that the manufacturer that they purchase from is able to fulfill the conditions of the warranty.

Should You Purchase A Pipe less or Plumules Chair?
Are you interested in purchasing a pipe less or plumb less chair? This should be determined before at the beginning of the shopping process. A plumules pedicure chair has a detachable tub that needs to be refilled after each use. This is necessary because it isn’t equipped with a water supply pipe that’s connected to the bottom of the basin. New pedicure chairs on the market are produced with plumules options.

What are pipeless pedicure chairs? These chairs use tiny whirlpool jet motors that circulate the water in the foot basin. Pipeless chairs are much more sanitary because the way that more traditional pipe chairs circulate waters allows bacteria to sit in the basin. This result in a build-up of microbes and in extreme cases the client can even contract a foot fungi.

Deciding whether to opt for pipeless or a plumbless chair can be a challenge. It all depends on the drainage options that a salon owner has in place.

How Much Will A Quality Pedicure Chair Cost?
Cost plays a major factor in salon owners buying decision. However, it’s several variables related to the pricing of a chair. These factors that can have a big impact include; brand name, features and upgrade options. If salon owners are interested in purchasing state of the art chairs with different sophisticated features than you can expect costs to rise. The price point for a standard chair typically starts at the $1200 mark for a single pedicure chair. Sophisticated chair systems can exceed $5,000. First, it’s imperative for a salon owner to determine what their budget will be.
Salon owners can inquire whether the company they are purchasing from offers discounts for salon equipment packages. Owners may be even to save a few dollars by buying additional equipment from the same manufacturer.

Don’t Forget Shipping and Delivery
Pedicure chairs are large and heavy equipment that will require delivery to the salon location. Shipping and delivery costs can increase if an owner is shipping a plethora of chairs so they're salon. Therefore, salon owners should factor shipping and delivery into their budget. Questions about your delivery and shipping questions should be taken up with the manufacturer prior to making a purchase.

Furnishing a new salon can be very expensive. That’s why it’s imperative for salon owners to take their time when purchasing new pedicure chairs and analyze all of they're options.