The decision you will make on your 30s will affect you for the rest of your life. So as early as today, make sure you are taking the essential steps to build positive financial habits. Good financial practice helps you build great future for yourself and for your family.

Today, we made a list of things you'll need to do to set a solid financial foundation.


1. Be conscious about the money that comes in and goes out. Budget wisely, and make sure you spend on NEEDS and not WANTS. To help you control your expenses, make sure that the money that comes in must be bigger than the money that comes out. You need to monitor your daily and weekly expenses to make sure you don’t go overboard. Don’t randomly put money away, have an idea of what happens if you spend on fashion that would be out of trend in a couple of months. By keeping your expenses under control, you are significantly on the right track.

2. Eliminate unnecessary expenses like credit cards, or monthly subscription to a service you don’t regularly use. Try to figure out cutting out one or two thing to make sure you put certain amount on your savings. It makes big difference when you reach 40’s or 50s. Realize, if you will add up all the amount of money you can save from turning off a service subscription you don’t regularly use will have a big impact to your financial strength in the long run.

Many people don’t realize that credit cards just add up to one’s burden. Banks will get you to their cheesy offers. And before you know it, you are swimming in debt. Keep in mind, the more you swipe, the more you owe.

3. Build Financial Security The sooner you start saving, for your retirement, the better. Nobody is too young to save for retirement. Start early, believe me, you will get significantly more comfortable retirement. If you are having hard time figuring out how to start, a financial advisor can help you out. You can ask your family or friends for recommendations of the best person for financial guidance service.


Invest on money goals. Here are few suggestions to help you out in your journey of building multiple streams of income.

1. Small business - If you are an employee and got laid off, running a small business can help you. Study your target market and do your research. I suggest to go for a business you are passionate about.

2. Long-term investment has to be a priority. Value of your home rises like you don’t believe. You can use this calculator from SunLife to know how the value of your home has increased over the years.

3. Build your emergency fund to make sure you have enough cash when emergency comes.

4. Invest on real estates, stocks, or the new thing they called crypto.

Have you heard of the line, SAVE YOUR MONEY, ITS NOT GONNA LAST... It teaches us how you should handle your finances. Save, save and invest.