The largest organ in the human body is skin. As with other organs, such as the lungs, heart, and liver, it has a vital task to do: protecting all that is inside from getting out, and stop any invaders (dirt, germs) from getting in. Nevertheless, with all the busy schedules in life, it can be easy for our skin to dehydrate or sunburn when not properly cared for with the right skincare products. This can include products that include moisturizer, SPF, or vitamin C and E serum. This is why a healthy skin care routine should begin while your child is still a baby.

Reasons for developing a skin care routine include:

Early Prevention: If the child has had five or more sunburns, the risk doubles for developing melanoma. When considering the amount of time our kids spend outside unprotected from the sun, playing during lunch, waiting for the bus, playing sports, riding bikes, this is not difficult to achieve. The risk is significantly reduced for developing squamous cell carcinoma and developing melanoma when sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher is used daily.

Daily Habit: A crucial element for healthy skin includes daily skincare with sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher and moisturizer. The earlier you start your child off, the easier it will be to include it in a daily routine before leaving home.

Unintended Damage: Everyday exposure to the environment and sun can lead to skin damage and skin cancers. With the use of SPF and moisturizer skin care products, your child’s skin can be protected from these damaging rays.

It is important to choose skin care products that are approved by your child’s pediatrician. Timeless Skin Care products such as Hyaluronic Serum and Squalane Oil are superior moisturizers, but as already mentioned, please seek approval by your Kid’s doctor.