Being a parent is tough. Being a working parent can be harder. Your children need you at all times of the day to provide for them, care for them, and simply spend time with them. Juggling all the roles you need to fill as a parent can be exhausting and stressful, and if you don’t prioritize your own health and mental wellbeing, you put yourself at risk of burnout.

Your kids deserve a healthy and happy mother, and part of maintaining that health and wellbeing is taking a break every now and then. If this sounds difficult to you, do not fret.

Going on vacation without your kids isn’t a betrayal. You work hard, and you deserve time away where your time isn’t spent cutting the crusts off sandwiches or knowing the names of their favorite cartoon characters.

While your kids will miss you and you will miss them, a trip away can be the perfect way to become an even better mother. A culture trip with friends or by yourself is exactly what the doctor ordered. Here’s a guide on how to take a trip completely dedicated to you.

Plan Your Children’s Time While You Are Away
There are two reasons to plan something for your kids to enjoy while you are away.

One: To make it easier for your children to deal with any separation anxiety.

Two: To reduce any guilt you might feel about leaving them behind.

The point of a mom’s trip away is to have fun as an adult. However, you should ensure you have a weekend of fun plans dedicated to your kids so they don’t miss you, and you, in turn, do not have to worry about what they are doing.

Tick Off Your Budget List
When it comes to where you go, don’t hold back. Save in advance so that you can enjoy all the activities you want to do, such as bungee jumping or visiting a landmark you have to pay to go into. It’s important that you make the most out of your trip, and you may not be having another one like it for a couple more years. Therefore, prioritize what you want to do, and work your way through the list.

Find the Best Accommodation
This is the time to stay in a place that isn’t essentially kid-friendly. While this doesn’t mean sharp corners and a kitchen with an assortment of knives on display, it does mean something more luxurious so that you don’t have to worry about little dirty hands and spillages.

For instance, if you are heading to Austin for a week or so, you can look at vacation rentals that are more central and close to the nightlife. Downtown Austin is a great location for live music, restaurants, and bars; plus it has a youthful vibe because of its huge student population.

Create Your Itinerary
Knowing where you want to go and where you will be staying is not enough. You might miss out on great events or delicious restaurants and pop-up cafes. By putting in the time and effort to research these activities, your trip can be more engaging, exciting and in-depth than if you wing it.