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With Halloween over, the next party waiting in line for your payday is Christmas. As last years plan to save for this Christmas failed due to life happening this year; your car broke down unexpectedly, school trip fees, overspending on the holidays and so on. The money you hoped to squirrel away for a merry Christmas has dissipated throughout the year to attend to life's problems and events.

Naturally, you may be in panic mode, trying to reason whether you could purchase a modest chicken this year opposed to a large turkey. But relax, all is not lost there is no need for you to restrict your Christmas spending this year as there is still time left for you to make some extra money in the coming month. Which means you can still buy your special people a little gift or two and maybe even have some leftover for a few crackers and stocking fillers. Here are 3 few legitimate ways to make extra money fast before Christmas this year.

Sell Things
Access to the internet? Check. Access to a mobile phone? Check. You have everything you need to sell unwanted items in your home. At first glance, you may think you have nothing worth selling, but you need to look harder. The attic, in particular, is a renowned goldmine filled with things ready for you to sell. As we’re leading up to Christmas, your old jewelry, electronics or collectibles could be appealing to people searching for potential Christmas gifts.

It’s as simple as taking a few clear snaps of the item you want to sell with your mobile, add a detailed description including usage, measurements, value and so on, upload it to a few selling platforms such as eBay, Shpock and Craigslist, and then wait for people to ask you about purchasing your item. Super easy and it takes little to no time to do. Accompanies with selling you could also couple selling items with the next step.

Uber Driver
If you can drive, have a form of transport and a mobile phone, you could seek extra work as an Uber driver. With flexible working hours, you can shape the hours to best suit you and your current commitments. So whether you have a family or a full-time job, working as an Uber driver could be a feasible option.

The application to become an Uber driver is accessible online, following an appointment and approval to attain a private hire license you’ll be set up and ready to earn a decent amount of cash from your new job in a short period of time. Which means you can start rethinking the chicken dinner for Christmas and go all out with the turkey and trimmings.

Recycle Old Phones
Initially, the best way to sell your phone for the money is to list it on sites such as eBay and craigslist. However, if you need the money fast, you can research multiple sites online to recycle your phone. You just enter your old phones details, the make, model and condition. Once this is completed, you will be provided with a value for the amount the company are willing to pay. If you agree to the amount, you send your phone off to be recycled, and your cash will follow. Preview sites such as Mazuma Mobile for more information. This is a great way to earn extra money quickly in time for Christmas. So pluck out those old phones you have stuffed away in drawers and turn them into cash fast.

If you’ve worked your way through the above options but you don't have the resources to make extra money through these routes there are still alternative options to consider. You could compare personal finance options through research online to contemplate whether you could borrow some extra cash in time for Christmas and pay this back at a later date.