6 Creative Ways to Surprise Your Husband on the Holiday Season

Marriages, the good ones, often take a lot of work and commitment. Two people who show their love and devotion to each other make their married life together a bliss, despite the obstacles and challenges. This holiday season, grand gestures and beautiful presents are in order.

Both the husband and the wife should go the extra mile to put a smile on each other’s faces. If flowers, chocolates, and even a good book can melt a woman’s heart, a man has his own weaknesses too. And what better way to let your beloved man know how much he means to you than by giving him a wonderful surprise.

Let Him Experience a Scavenger Hunt
Many men love an adventure, and if your husband is one of them, then organizing a scavenger hunt will tickle his fancy. You can do it at home, in the backyard, or the nearby picnic field. The hunt can be themed to make it more fun and exciting.

There are plenty of themes that you can choose from, including a good old treasure hunt, Christmas, or pirate adventure. This will help you pick the list of tasks and clues easier. Just make sure that the gift is worth all the trouble.

Let Him Solve His Prize
Presenting the gift is as much fun as the gift itself. Make him work for it by giving him a customized jigsaw puzzle to solve. His brain cells will welcome the challenge as he puts the pieces back together and finds his prize.

You can be as creative as you want to be, but the best way to pull this off is by revealing his gift in the puzzle. It can be a ticket to his favorite football team or a picture of a beautiful destination. His joy at unveiling his prize will make the effort worth it.

Leave Him a Note
A surprise does not have to be filled with action and burning brain cells. It can still be a wonderful gift revelation even if you use subtlety. Leaving notes in the most unlikely places like the bathroom sink or inside his briefcase can still be a sweet gesture, especially if you make the note witty and heartwarming at the same time.

Better yet, try putting pieces of notes inside a bouquet of balloons, and present it to him once he gets home. Imagine his face as he bursts each one and assembles the notes. This is the most suitable form of surprise if you are getting him a gift card or giving him cash to buy something he has always meant to save up for, like the newest installation of his favorite video game or the latest gadget.

Give Him the Experience of a Lifetime
Nothing can beat an experience when it comes to any gift. Why not arrange a trip for you and your husband this holiday season? It can be a Mediterranean cruise or a weekend at the Caribbean.

If he has an adventurous soul, you can let him try something for the first time. There are packages for skydiving or paragliding that will give him all the thrill he needs. To make it more memorable, ask for one with a videographer to capture this moment forever.

Have the Package Delivered to Your Doorstep
The simple yet effective kind of surprise of having the gift delivered to your doorstep can still work like a dream, especially if your husband works from home. Arrange for a courier to deliver your husband’s wrapped present to your house.

You can even make it more enjoyable by asking one of his closest friends to dress as Santa Claus. He will be delighted to receive his gift in an unconventional way, especially if the gift is unique and useful.

A barber box is a vintage collection that will turn your grizzly pal into the sophisticated man he can be, perfect if you are planning to take him out to a special dinner in the evening. Gadget accessories and organizer are also something to consider.

Do the Fake-Out Packaging Gimmick
This is old but still gold. Remember the gifts wrapped in big boxes and, when you open one, you will find a slightly smaller box and so on and so forth? Well, this trick can still pull off a good surprise.

Be creative with the boxes and wrap them nicely. His frustration and impatience will be apparent as one box gives way to another box, but if you have thought of a valuable gift to give him, he won’t even mind the stunt.

Make the present meaningful by getting him something symbolic. It can be a new wedding band that will celebrate your life together, especially if you have reached the ten, twenty or fifty years’ milestone.

Some Fun and Excitement 
Living with each other and going through routine for years and years can be monotonous, but you can always do something to bring the spark and excitement into your marriage by making something as ordinary as giving holiday gifts into wonderful surprise.

Believe in your resourcefulness and creative spirit, and everything will turn out well. It will be an unforgettable gesture for your husband, who will appreciate your effort and fall in love with you even more. What man wouldn’t if you can go to such lengths for a gift?

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