DIY wedding program fans are the in thing for stylish couples. This is obviously for a couple of reasons we won't fail to mention. As the name implies, these fans are a fancy way to disseminate the wedding program to every guest. DIY paper hand fans also come in handy by helping guests keep the heat at bay at your wedding.

These are cost saving homemade fans that serve as beautiful party souvenirs to guests. A lot of creativity and craft go into making DIY wedding program fans, all of which this article will teach in easy steps.

Are you a bride on a budget who wants to save costs with the wedding program and party souvenirs? Do you want to leave your touch on your wedding? Do you want to skip the traditional way of making wedding programs for a trend totally different? Read on! This section is for you.

Quick Nugget

You do not have to make your own fans all on your own. Get your girls together, friends and family inclusive and roll out these fans in record time. Reduce stress, work faster, be productive and have fun. After all, many hands make light work.

The following are DIY wedding fan kits:

Ø Paddle stick for fan handle.
Ø Heavy Cardstock for wedding programs (115lb for one-sided fans and 65lb to 75lb thickness for two-sided fans).
Ø Glue tape/pen.
Ø Fan wedding program template (printable).
Ø Ribbons or twine (optional).
Ø Paper cutter.
Ø Rounder/corner punch (optional).
Ø Gummy stickers (optional).
Ø Scents (optional).

Check out these easy steps on how to make fans!

Ø Edit The Fan Wedding Program Template
Choose a wedding template you love and customize it to your taste. Create your dream wedding program, just the way you want it. You can add some spice by going lyrical and adding some of the best wedding poems you love to the mix. They may be poems that speak to you or tell your love story. Download the template of everything you have done in PDF format, activate the crop lines close to the edges and print. Note that for a double page wedding program fan, the middle will also have crop lines, for precise folding.

Ø Fold and Trim
The next thing to do is to trim the program at the crop lines, using a paper cutter. It's neat, not stressful and precise. For durability, a single-sided program fan should be up to 115lb in weight and you cut along the crop lines. If the wedding program fan is double sided, then the weight should be at least 65lb. You should also fold along the middle crop lines to get the correct pairing of both sides, before trimming.

Ø Glue It
Spread the wedding program on a neat flat surface and apply glue to it. We prefer using a glue tape or glue pen as it makes the job neat. It doesn't leave the place messy and we don't have to wait for hours before it dries.

For a single-sided program fan, run the glue tape through the middle for the paddle stick to hang firmly onto. A double-sided program fan will have you running the glue tape generously around the edges and middle of both sides of the wedding program.

Ø Insert Stick and Close
This is after running the glue generously through the wedding program. Fix the stick deep into the center of the paper, to the extent of the glue track. Fold the program and close all sides tightly and press till firm. You can run through the lines with a ruler or paper boner to maintain smooth and straight closure at all edges.

The beauty of this glue is that it does not spill around the edges as the liquid ones would. It leaves a quick and neat job. Mind you that even a little stain, fold or bend will ruin all your hard work.

At this stage, your wedding program fan is ready. But what's the harm in a little creativity?

Ø Leave your Mark
Take DIY wedding program fan to a whole new level by leaving your own mark on it. Personalize and customize it beyond anything anyone can get at the stores. You can do this in various ways. One of which is curving the edges or giving fancy indentations using a corner punch. You can also run colorful ribbons or twines in bow style at the junction where the stick enters the program.

You don't have to stop there. Decorate the fan handle with fun or cute stickers. You can also make the program fans scented by spraying scents on them. This is giving your guests the good life at your wedding. Now, this is a quick, fun and stylish way to have wedding programs on a stick!

This exercise is very pocket-friendly and is a life saver for brides on a budget. All this done within the comfort of the home with everyone around is fun, easy, less stressful and productive. It also gives brides a channel to be creative and hands on. All materials are affordable and available at your local stationery stores. Lastly, with personalized wedding program fans like this, guests will keep them for years.