Looking to shake up your style? Read on for the top fall 2018 fashion trends.

Autumn is America's favorite season for good reason.

At this point in the year, you're likely tired of sweating it out in shorts, tank tops, and various summer wear. You're looking to mix up your wardrobe. Luckily, along with the arrival of colorful leaves and cooler weather comes new opportunities to do just that.
Lower temperatures mean more opportunities to layer up and show a variety that you can't in the year's warmer months. Fashion designers, celebs, and style icons are embracing a number of festive and easy-to-pull-off looks that you can make your own this season.

Read on, and we'll walk you through the fall 2018 fashion trends that you need to know. 

Plaid is Rad Again
Plaid has a long history of up and downs in the fashion world, but it's riding a high again here in the year 2018. A plaid design has always been the print of choice for the fall weather: just call to mind Meg Ryan's iconic looks in the Autumn-set When Harry Met 
The modern take on plaid wardrobe emphasizes sleekness and style. Plaid pieces that have unexpected color combinations and tailored finishes are helping to make an old-style feel fresh and brand new.
Combining black and white plaid design with pops of color, like from deep red shoes or a bright yellow cardigan, can help to create a stellar seasonal outfit. Plaid also pairs excellently with denim, another fall staple.

Razor Sharp Color Combos
If you look towards this year's busy fashion shows, a number of striking and beautiful outfits had one thing in common: unusual but beautiful color palettes.
Designers ranging from Prada to Marc Jacobs have debuted looks that highlight color in a major way. Full on neon jumpsuits and hot pink pantsuits filled the runways, making a case for standing out instead of fitting in. Marni and Balencigia have also unveiled looks that pair a mix of fabulous bright colors into surprising combinations.
Even if you choose to not be as bold as the runway-bound models, it's clear that striking colors are a big hit in the fashion world this year. Grabbing something a little more bright and striking from the rack could elevate your fall wardrobe into the stratosphere.

The 70s Strike Back
Was there a cooler decade in American history than the 70s? The fashion trends of the past few years seem to indicate no, as designers and trendsetters keep reaching back into the decade for new inspiration.
Grab a tan or coffee colored addition to your wardrobe to jump into the trend. Carmel seems to have been the dominating palette of the era. Incorporating it into your blazer, coat, or pantsuit choice is sure to give you a look that feels chic without being a nostalgia grab.
It's a versatile look as well. It's perfect for a casual drink or for when you need to step it up and dress for success.

Get Wild With Animal Prints
Animal prints in fashion are a tale as old as time, but they've somehow received something of a trashy reputation in the modern era.
Say goodbye to that perception, however, because trendsetters and fashion icons are bringing the perennial favorite back in a major way. Victoria Beckham herself has been seen sporting a long leopard print coat on the runway this year, and she's certainly not alone.

A sleek cheetah print blazer or skirt can be a good place to start with your own wardrobe. To avoid getting too crazy, pair your printed clothing with a more tapered down sensibility-- black with flats. 

Flower Power With Floral Designs
Floral dresses and other wardrobe is typically associated with the warmer months of the year.
But this fall, many designers are re-defining the floral look by amping up the darkness and drama of such dresses.
Saint Laurent, Gucci, and many others are putting these gorgeously dark dresses on shelves this season. If you love floral design and hate when it's time to put it away for the colder months, this new trend is the one you should be screaming about. 

Head-Turning Headbands
Everyone knows accessories can make or break an outfit. This fall season, there's one wardrobe add-on that can elevate your look to a new level: headbands. They're a big staple of the fashion scene this year, showing up on runways around the world.
Glitzy, glamorous autumn headbands can make a strong fashion statement and can fit with almost any outfit. They also serve to frame your face and highlight your hair. Hairstyle trends change with the season as well, and there are more amazing hairstyle ideas you can view here.
Whether you're dressing up or keeping it casual, a headband is a perfect cherry on top for your outfit.

Grab A Blanket From Home
One of the most surprising of the 2018 fashion trends was the popular inclusion of one household item: the blanket.
Models from multiple backgrounds used not a cape but a traditional blanket as the perfect finishing touch for their look. Blankets were draped around girls at fashion shows ranging from Roksanda to Isabel Marant. In each instance, the woman looked stunning.
If you're prone to getting a bit chilly as the autumn winds come in, this new trend could be just what you need. Blankets are easy to grab and throw on, and they can make perfect protection against the oncoming winter. You may already have one hanging over your couch that's perfect for your night out. 

Making Fall 2018 Fashion Trends Your Own
The above trends and innovations dominated runways this season. With a little thrifting and work, you can make each of these fall 2018 fashion trends your own. Whether it's something as flashy as animal print or subtle as plaid, each of these looks can keep you in step with the best of the fashion world.

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