Dog vomit is simply normal and it is natural for that to happen. Similarly to the human world, it will mostly occur when the body's metabolism is not in complete agreement with whatever has been fed into it or some other external factors. However, the major or the leading cause is rather internal factors such as signs of sicknesses and also some nausea. From all my dog knowledge that I have gathered over time, I can confidently tell you that whenever your dog vomits, it should cause some alarm and it is a reason for you to worry. 

It is also very good to put into consideration the option of calling a vet and having them examine the situation. However, did you know that all these different kinds of vomits have a certain kind of meaning attached to them? If not, get ready to learn something new.

1. Chunky vomit
Now, this kind of chunky vomit is a clear of digestion problem. The thing with chunky vomits is that they reflect exactly what your dog had actually taken and it will show what does not go well with its body. How do I know this? Take for instance you give your dog some food that it resent s to and it happens to eat maybe out of hunger and what you will realize is that in the event that it vomits what will be seen in the vomit is bits of this food.

2. Watery vomit
Now, this kind of reaction is common with diarrhea but it is not good when it comes to vomits. You may be wondering why is my dog throwing up water? Is this a problem? The good thing that you need not think of at this time is what your dog had to eat. get to think of the possibility of a parasite in play and this may be an indication that some medical treatment is needed. This is a clear indication of a medical issue in play. Most of these times you need to give your dog some water as watery vomit brings about a sense of dehydration.

3. Colored vomit
Now, this is a much complex kind of vomit. However, it is not anything to worry about. This should be however clearly checked out to see if there are traces of blood in it. Once there are traces of blood then I highly advise that you call your vet quick. It might be an indication of some type of worm or in rare cases some form of corrosion in your dog's system. Once it is coloured in some kind of yellowish kind of vomit it is good to check on the food and also stay open to the possibility of food poisoning as it is as a reaction of the body resenting to some material that was ingested.

These signs should mean something and it is practically normal and you should not get into panic mode when this comes to be. You can at some point maybe expect some other signs such as diarrhea.