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Important Reviews on How to Pass a Drug Test

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Are you searching for ways to get out of a drug test you have looming in front of you? What if we told you that you do not need to avoid this test because you can pass it even if you know that normally you wouldn’t? Well, this is not just an attempt at pulling your legs but a simple fact. You can beat that test with our help.
If you want to know why more employers are beginning to carry out these tests, you may want to read this.

What Is Drug Testing?

This is a simple procedure that involves taking some samples from your body to ascertain if some regulated drugs have been consumed by you. This is usually an attempt at determining a person’s suitability for a role, a person’s culpability in a crime and a person’s state of body and mind.
There are different types of tests that are employed. The test method used will largely be determined by the period the tester wants to review. This is because each test has it capabilities. Let’s look at the four main types.

Types of Drug Testing

There are four main types of drug testing and each of these is effective in its own rights. These four include: urine, blood, saliva and hair follicle tests.

Blood Testing

As you would expect, this type of test will show everything that is in your system at the time of the test. This will also include the quantity of the substance present. Because of the way this test works, it is the best method for testing for substances taking within a few hours. This is why the Police usually rely on it to determine the substance taken by a person who is suspected to have committed a crime while under the influence of some substances. These include alcohol and restricted substances.

Saliva Testing

This is a test you may be required to face in a number of situations. This test can be used to ascertain what (if any) restricted substances have been ingested not more than three days before the test. An organization that wants to quickly check if any of its workers are currently taking any banned or controlled substances may choose this test.

Urine Testing

This is easily the most common type of test used by many organizations. The human urine can show residue of substances ingested about 30 days before the test. If you will be required to do a drug test before gaining employment into an organization or passing some kind of evaluation, it is most likely that this is the test that will be chosen.

Hair Follicle Testing

Now, this is the test that can dreg up some stuff you think have long been forgotten. While urine testing can show usage from up to 30 days before the testing, this test can show usage from up to 90 days before testing.
Some of the substances that can be traced from this test include: alcohol, phencyclidine, cocaine, marijuana, opiates and methamphetamine. The length of time that any of these will remain detectible in the hair follicle will differ from substance to substance.

Passing Drug Tests

Now that we have looked at some types of tests, we will now go further to put your mind at ease by offering some simple but effective solutions.  If you are in a hurry, you can go to Clear Drug Tests and check out the options at your disposal. You can also quickly read through the solutions we shall look at here before checking them out.
There are a number of solutions we shall quickly run through. These will take care of any of the four types of tests listed above.

Detox Products

If you want to go for a urine test or a blood test, you are likely going to need to get a suitable detox product to help flush the tell-tale residue from your system. For urine tests, this product will be most effective for people who are not heavy users of whatever substance that they need to hide in the test.
Another detox product you can get is detox gum and mouthwash for saliva tests. This will rid your mouth and saliva of the toxins that would show the presence of the drug residue. The same goes for detox shampoos which is the solution for hair follicle tests. Once used, your hair will never betray you.

Synthetic Urine

This is another very effective solution for urine tests. In fact, this is the most effective solution for this type of test because you do not have to present your actual urine. You simply replace your urine with this product and your test will of course come back negative. This is the option you should go for if you are a heavy user.


We’ve presented you with simple solutions that can help you through the drug testing huddle. With these products, you do not have to worry about failing any tests. Just follow the instructions for using any of the products and relax, knowing your result is sure to be in your favour.

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