Being a member of the PTA might seem like an extra effort that simply takes more of your day up with responsibilities, but sometimes, if you have the time to spare it, it can function as a real means of keeping up with the day-to-day decisions of your school. Schools are often compelled to refer their decisions to the parents who care the most, sometimes out of legal necessity and sometimes out of real courtesy. After all, without the parents and the children in attendance of the school, the school receives no funding, and over time will close. Of course, the school simply being open isn’t the mark of a good or worthwhile institution, and as such as optimizing its processes should be considered a good idea for parents, the heads of department, the headteacher or principal, as well as the most important set of people, the students.

But you don’t run a school. Past the small considerations that affect your child, you might find it hard to come up with suggestions that might help, or fall into suggesting things that are well outside your field of competence. As such, relying on these very useful considerations can help you make suggestions of real worth, from top to bottom, that could potentially help your child enjoy a much better schooling environment.

It might be that caring for the community life of your children could be better helped by suggesting certain implements. For example, if your child is on a sports team and you think it would be a great idea to bring the school closer together on the game days, it might be worth suggesting the implementation of LED signs for schools, announcing the games and time in which students can attend. Teacher faculties often work best when approached with a suggestion and then a hard practical plan to achieve it, as they have plenty on their plate enough without dealing to the ‘wants’ of the school board, as the needs will often cover everything. However, simple additions like this can have a big impact, and the directness of the offering might just sway them into agreeing with you.

After School
After school clubs can be very important to socialize your child and to help them delve deeper into a topic, even if it’s something niche like an AV radio club. Doing this can help your child add additional skills, so be sure to suggest them if possible, even if it’s as simple as voicing your collective support for extra sporting sessions.

Engage, and meet them in the middle. For example, if parking outside of the school gates is a problem, it might be worth pledging to park further off and walking to the school with your young child. Drumming enough support for this could help the road safety outside of the building, helping you and your child stay safe for longer. Be willing to be part of the solution, not only to tell the solution and you’re sure to have more success here.

With these tips, suggesting additions to be made at future school’s PTA meetings will surely be met with positivity and potential change.