What to Do When Your Child Locks You Out of the House

Having your child lock you out of the house can be a terrifying experience for parents and maybe for the child if it was accidental. There are many reasons this happens.

Parenting is a full-time job, and sometimes you have to juggle other everyday life tasks like cleaning and laundry before you find yourself unable to go back in because your toddler somehow followed you and pushed the door locked.

If getting a locksmith is out of the question or if there is an imminent danger if you leave your child alone in the house for long, then contact your local police to break in your own house. The best way to combat this from happening in the future is to put in place some methods to prevent it from happening in the future.

Here are the things you can do when your child gets locked in the house.

Try Doors, Windows, Other Entryways
Look for other ways to get inside your house if you think you have doors, windows, or other entryways you can easily squeeze into. It may take a bit of climbing and awkward fumbling, but it is the safest and most undamaging way to get inside. If you’re lucky, you may be able to find something that is unlocked.

If you don’t find an unlocked portal, make sure to communicate with your child who is inside the house. Reassure them that it is you trying to get in the house in case they are scared. You may need to break a mesh screen or even glass to achieve this.

Keep Hidden Spare Key/s
To prevent being locked out from happening, you need to think ahead. If you happen to share a house with a spouse or other members of the family, chances are, one of you is bound to forget or lose your respective keys. When this happens, the person may have to spend a few hours locked out if others are not able to go home right away because of work commitment or school.

That is why it is a good idea to hide a spare key or two for scenarios such as that. Nowadays, it’s common for spare keys to be hidden under the welcome mat, and it may become a safety risk rather than a fallback plan for being locked out. Hide your spare keys better by using some clever hacks. There are many good ideas that can be found online.

Teach Children How to Lock and Unlock Correctly
If being locked out by your child happens often enough, it is time to teach them how to correctly lock and unlock the door by themselves. In cases where they accidentally lock you out and themselves in, they know how to undo what they did and prevent any unnecessary door-breaking.

It is important to communicate with your children about why they should not lock you out and the respective dangers of it. For the sake of awareness, you can set up rules on playing with door and window locks.

Use a Lockpick
Even if you don’t intend to start a criminal career, lockpicking is a handy and useful skill you can learn. By picking locks, you will understand how easy it is for intruders to get inside houses and safes without having to break a door or window. This will make you more aware of how your house is insufficiently secure with only a few locks here and there.

Furthermore, learning to lockpick your own house means that you won’t ever have to call for a locksmith and pay their exorbitant fees again. It also saves you time because you can solve the problem on your own. If you’re looking to start the lockpicking hobby, go get yourself some lock pick sets for beginners. Owning one might become useful someday too.

Call for the Landlord
If you live in an apartment or renting a house, your landlord may have a master key you can use to open your front door. If they live close enough, you may be able to get in your house in no time as they won’t have any problem going to their place to get your spare key.

With that said, it is a good idea to ask for your landlord’s mobile phone number so you can reach them anytime you need to. They may not be at home at the time you’re locked out, so it is better for you to have ways to inform them of your situation.

Accidents can happen to anyone, and that is why you must take every precaution that you can to ensure that they don’t happen ever or for the second time. Any of the methods listed above may work for you, so choose the best way for your circumstances. While being self-sufficient is ideal and important, you should not hesitate to ask for help when you need it or welcome it when someone offers.

What do you do when your child locks you out of the house? Tell your story in the comments section below.

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