If you want to sell your home fast and simple, you’re probably looking at selling it to an all-cash home buying company in your area. Selling your house to a professional buyer allows you to bypass agents, listings and the long wait for qualified buyers.

In addition, you save thousands of dollars in commissions and repair/maintenance work. This is because cash buyers regularly purchase homes in need of extensive repairs without expecting the seller to spruce up the property or fix issues that would bother a conventional homebuyer.

A reputable company will buy your house “as is” and will pay you a reasonable sum for it, taking into account the going rate in your locality, the condition of your home, and the money they’ll need to spend to prep the house for resale.

Key questions to ask your home buying company
While a fast cash sale is a great option to dispose of a damaged or defective home that you have no use for, not all house buying companies are same, and it takes due diligence and focused research to find one that’s a good fit for your needs.

To make it easier for you, here are five questions you should ask a home buying company before deciding to invite them for a house tour.

Are you a locally based business?
A reputable and trusted local business will have a local office and employees to service clients and complete real estate transactions properly.

How long have you been in the business of buying and selling real estate?
Look for a company that has been around for some time to ensure they have the experience and resources to support and serve you well.

Do I need to carry out any repairs?
A genuine house buying company will not expect you to change anything about your house to make it sale-worthy. However, it does help to create a good impression if you give your home a thorough cleaning before a visit from a prospective cash buyer.

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Can you share a few references?
Don’t hesitate to ask for references as it would help build your trust in the company. In addition, check the company’s website to know more about its origin, ownership and core team. Read testimonials and customer reviews on websites such as the Better Business Bureau.

Are there other payment options aside from cash?
Some cash buyers will offer to take over your mortgage or pay a bank draft instead of cash, if that’s what you prefer. Whatever terms you agree on, take the time to understand the purchase agreement before signing it. Lastly, don’t forget to ask if you’ll need to pay any fees or charges to complete the sale.