With all toilet and bathroom areas it’s important to have a regime of cleaning that ensures that good hygiene standards and cleanliness are maintained.  There are any number of products available on the market, and you may be surprised by some recommendations here, but they work, and save you money. Whilst cleaning your toilet wear gloves and  be sure to read all of the instructions on any preparation that you use very carefully. 

1.       Install an Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner.
The best way to make sure that stains and marks do not build up in your toilet bowl is to install an automatic toilet cleaner.  These are installed either in the bowl itself,or into the cistern that provides the flushing water.  An Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner is designed to deliver a product with every flush, ensuring that cleanliness is maintained without interruption, and that stains do not build up and become an issue. 
There are many different products available, and the cleaning chemical delivered can be as a liquid, a tablet, a plastic holder with solids–some products leave colour in the water– and they fit all price ranges.

2.       Vinegar – it will surprise you.
Vinegar isn’t just cheaper than most speciality products, it is an efficient way to remove limescale from toilets alongside its other household uses.
Apply the vinegar to the area, or poor into the bowl – if you are cleaning an area that is difficult a good tip is to place a cloth or tissue soaked with vinegar over the area.  Leave the vinegar on for as long as you can – overnight will ensure a good result, then wash it off with water.  You may need to repeat the process if you have any stubborn stains, but if you use it regularly then you will find that it is very effective.

3.       Coke and Baking Soda
Coke and Baking Soda will give you as good a result as the Vinegar.  I may put you off soft drinks though!
Start by trying the Banking Soda.  Sprinkle the powder into the water in the bowl, once again leave for a significant period of time.
If the Banking Soda hasn’t cleaned the toilet to the sparkly freshness you are looking for then put the Coke into the toilet and add a small quantity – maybe a couple of spoons full – of the Baking Powder.  This will create a foam, so don’t be alarmed, leave it for a couple of hours, scrub thoroughly and then flush with clean water.

4.       Denture Cleaners or Dishwasher Tablets
Alternatives to those already suggested can be found in most homes – and either can bring about a fantastic result, even if other products have been tried and have failed.  As with the suggestions above, add the tablet to the bowl, leave for a period of time, scrub thoroughly and flush with clean water. 

5.       Commercial Cleaners
There are many commercial cleaners on the market, many contain chlorine so please do read all of the instructions first and ensure that you follow them.  They come with a variety of fragrances, colours, price points, and whilst some are effective, some may not be.

6.       Clean it regularly
A good, thoroughly, regular cleaning routine will ensure that you don’t have any areas of staining or neglect to deal with.  Even a regular wipe-over with a product designed for cleaning bathrooms will ensure that the issues faced dealing with stain or limescale removal do not affect you.

7.       Make Sure you Clean all Surfaces
The ease of, say fitting an automatic toilet bowl cleaner and having confidence that your bowl area is being kept hygienic may make you complacent enough to neglect other areas.  Make sure that even if you have an automatic bowl cleaner installed that you regularly clean around the other, outside areas of the toilet and the adjacent flooring.

There are a number of products that can be used to clean your toilet, and its surroundings.  The best tip is to install an automatic toilet cleaner, giving you the confidence that day to day freshness is being maintained.  Once that is taken care of a regular, routine clean of the outside areas, handles, and adjacent bathroom and flooring will make sure that you can have confidence in your bathroom’s hygiene.