If you are looking for a beauty cream, it can be a bit difficult to determine just which one will work best for you. To add to the mix, there are now, in addition to beauty creams, beauty balms and beauty serums. Because these products can be costly, it’s a good idea to understand the difference between them and how they may act on your skin type. To determine what beauty cream will work best for you, you will have to do some research, and find out what are your specific needs. A good beauty cream can provide excellent benefits, but a substandard one will be, at the best, useless.

When you begin your search for a good beauty cream or any kind, you should take a look at the ingredients. A good beauty cream will contain Retinol, which is a form of Vitamin A. Retinol is an antioxidant that stops the damaging effects of oxidation on the skin cells. If you are experiencing skin problems, look for a cream that contains peptides as these have healing qualities that may help your condition. Another ingredient that will help with healing is an extract of tea, which is an anti-inflammatory. 

The Different Facial Treatments
Finding the product that will work best for you will first involve determining what your goals are. Some women might simply be looking for a beauty cream that will act as a moisturizer, others will want one that will help prevent or lessen wrinkles, you might want to deal with age spots, or you may need a cream that will not only freshen your skin, but will also help to deal with your acne.

· Beauty creams should not feel oily or greasy, they should feel light and smooth to the touch. These creams are designed to be absorbed into the skin, and will help to protect and nourish your skin throughout the day. Beauty creams are applied before makeup, and should be applied both in the morning, and before bed. Most beauty creams contain oils of some kind, including natural oils such as coconut and avocado.

· Beauty serums provide the same backup care for your skin as do creams, but most do not contain any amount of oil. Serums are water based for the most part, but some of these products do contain oil. Beauty serums are formulated to allow deeper penetration of the skin layers than do beauty creams.

· Beauty balms are relatively new to the beauty scene, and might be looked upon as beauty regimen shortcuts. BB creams are a combination of moisturizing cream and foundation makeup. CC creams are also called color controlled creams and actually aren’t very different from BB creams except that they do provide even better coverage. DD creams contain antioxidants to fight aging. And finally, EE creams contain moisturizer, foundation, concealer, skin tone correctors, and sunscreen.

· Those of you who are struggling with acne will probably be worried that using a beauty cream could make your skin condition even worse. Fortunately, you can find help at Facingacne.com. It is true that some oily beauty creams could lead to further clogging or pores and sebaceous glands, but others might well help to keep the skin in better condition and provide some protection as well.

Why Use a Beauty Cream?
Although beauty creams can be used on any part of the body, such as the feet, elbows, and legs, most women will use them on their face. With the exception of perhaps our hands, our faces are the parts of our body most exposed to the world. In addition to this, we use our faces for communication; frowning, smiling, raising the eyebrows, squinting, and laughing all cause wear and tear on our faces. For those who are exposed to the sun on a regular basis, damage can also be done to the skin from UV rays, which can penetrate down into the skin to cause damage to the DNA of the skin cells.

Aging is something none of us can avoid, and even the mighty Thor was unable to win a wrestling match with the elderly woman ‘Elli’. After he lost the match, he found out that ‘Elli’ was really old age, and not an actual woman, and there was no way to really defeat her. Lines, wrinkles, drying skin all contribute to the deterioration of the skin, but a good beauty cream can help to counter this by providing not only moisturizers, but also nourishment to help replenish and restore dry and damaged skin.

If you are suffering from acne, you will have to take care to find a beauty cream or serum that will not further irritate your skin. You will not want a heavy, greasy product, but rather one that has little or no oil and contains ingredients that will nourish and support a healthier skin.