To be loved unconditionally, to live in a home that is healthy, to have enough protection and security are some of the rights that each and every child deserves. However, not every child is blessed enough to have all this. There are many children who suffer from malnutrition, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, addictions, and neglect.

This happens within their own homes most of the time. Children who are rejected by the very own people who are supposed to love and care for them, their parents, are increasing every day.

Perhaps you are thinking of ways to provide care and support to children who suffer and are in need. One of the best ways to do it is to be a foster parent. There is no better way than foster care to transform the lives of a child who has undergone through a lot of neglect and abuse.

Besides, you are also working towards the overall wellbeing of the child and investing in them to secure their future. Though not an easy decision becoming a foster parent is one of the most rewarding ones you will ever make. Fostering a child also help you become a better person.

According to Lisa Witter from Perpetual Fostering, applicants hoping to become foster carers need to be financially stable. Carers cannot have bankruptcy as part of their record. A license or approval from the authorities is necessary to be a foster parent. What are some of the things to remember before becoming a foster parent?

Be Realistic: They Are Normal Kids Coming From Difficult Or Unstable Homes
Most people think that foster kids are extremely difficult to care for as they are severely damaged coming from misfortunate circumstances. Unless an exceptional case, most of them are normal kids who have been put up for foster care due to neglect and abuse within their homes. Depending on the severity of the trauma they had to face and their age they are likely to display behavioral and emotional problems.

Financial Stability
Keep in mind that foster care is not a way to make money so it’s important that you are financially stable. You don’t have to be wealthy or own your own home to be a foster parent. However, you need to be secure financially because all the expenses incurred on the child may not be reimbursed always.

You Need Support
Whether it is by the social worker, neighbor or a teacher you are always being watched when you care for a foster child. To make sure that you are able to give proper care to your foster child you always require help and support from others. Help should be readily available in case you fall sick or have to work during odd hours.

To provide a temporary home that is stable and secure for children requires commitment, willingness, and hard work from the part of the carer. You also need to be well trained and flexible to make the journey easier.