Tarot reading can become fun and exciting if it is done in the right manner and with an open mind. There is no right or wrong of reading the cards but it is best to have a calm state of mind and an understanding of the cards. The cards represent different meanings and you might feel overwhelming at times and wonder how people manage it. You want to read the cards like an expert but you do not know where to start. First and foremost, breathe. There will always be moments when you doubt your own ability and feel overwhelmed but it is important to calm down and find a strategy that works for you.

Tune into the receptive mode
This is very important for every reader. The receptive mode is when your mind is quite and you can think and work in the right frame of mind. You might want to do readings in the mornings or after meditating because this is when your mind is quiet and you are in the receptive mode. You can find time to centre yourself and open up. Usually the mind is clearer in the morning than in the evening or in the afternoon but you need to get yourself into the receptive mode before you begin. Do whatever it takes to get into the receptive mode, you can choose to take a long walk, light up a candle or even meditate. You will not be able to enjoy a reading with your mind all over the place. Calm yourself down and focus on your centre to get into the receptive mode before you begin.

Trust your intuition
Tarot reading is all about your intuition and the first impression is usually the right impression. You put out the cards and there is something your heart tell you but it does not match with the book meaning. Now, go with the meaning that you initially thought about and do not open the book to verify the same. The book meaning can help you learn and get familiar with the cards but it does not mean that it applies to all the situations. You do need the book meanings but you need to trust your intuition at all times. You need to pay attention to your feelings and the images or words that enter your mind when you take a look at the cards. Always let your gut point the way and trust your gut at all times. You can learn a lot more about the importance of intuition in tarot reading from Psychic2Tarot.com.

Throw all the assumptions out of the window
If you have any preconceived assumptions about tarot or about a situation, you need to immediately throw them out of the window. It happens sometimes that you ask questions but you already have the answer in your mind and this is not the same as trusting your gut. You have assumed things due to your insecurity and fear. Tarot will help answer your questions and will tell you what you need to know. Do not approach the reading with an assumption because it will not allow you to make the most of it.

Look at the overall spread
In order to understand the messages that are coming your way, you will have to take a step back and look at the overall spread. You need to look for dominances and the absence of individual suits, numbers or court cards. This will help you understand the situation and the energy which is not present. When you understand a situation and the energy, you can read the cards in a better manner and relate the same to your past and present.

Every card will tell a story and it is important to understand the image and the meaning of the card. You should be able to relate the cards to one another and then consider the question. Tarot is not something you can learn overnight but it is not something impossible to learn as well. Tarot cards can be read by anyone who has an in-depth interest in learning and makes a genuine attempt to excel at it. Readers need to remain calm and know what they are doing because a lot of times, the querent happens to be anxious and overwhelmed during the reading. If the reader is not aware of what he is doing, the results of the reading will not be fruitful and will not satisfy the client.

  photo credit: n_defender