The birth of a child is one of the magical moments parents will cherish in their lifetime. As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your child in every step of the way.
Households with a designated room for the newborn child are perfect examples in giving the exact comfort and ease that your baby needs. A perfect way to make the nursery room more interesting is making it more creative and giving it a vibrant, fun, and positive mood. Here are some tips you may consider in creating a glamorous nursery room for your child.

Turn on the Night-Lights
The use of ceiling lights does not spare you from paying higher electricity bills. Aside from consuming more electricity, ceiling lights do not give users an option to control the light emitted by it.
A better alternative is the use of night-lights, which have more practical advantages than standard lighting has. It provides the right illumination in the nursery room, just bright enough to light the room during the night. There are several choices of night-lights available: a plug-in night-light, projector night-light, room lamps, portable night-lights, and the list goes on.
Today, offered in the market are several night-lights that may have extra features such as sensors and handles. The brightness of the night-light, however, should be gentle and sufficient to light up the room to avoid disrupting the child’s sleep.
For example, a dimmer can help your baby sleep experience a sound sleep. By switching the dimmer, it serves as a trigger for your baby to sleep and allows you to occasionally look at the nursery room without disrupting your child’s sleep.

Make Room for Natural Light
A cost-effective yet wonderful way in maintaining a nursery room is to take advantage of the natural light. Twinkly lights and battery-operated fairy lights may be used at nighttime, but making room for natural light that is abundant during the day also gives your child health benefits. Sunlight provides sufficient production of vitamin D, which is important to the development of the bones and teeth and helps in regulating sleep patterns.
Ideally, a nursery room should have windows that serve as the entry point of natural light. As most infants take a series of naps at daytime, parents may block the light by placing curtains and blinds.
There are different window-treatment options for a nursery, like roll-down window shades and drapes. It is critical, though, that you take childproofing measures for all window treatments in a nursery or children’s bedroom. It is also important that the crib is significantly far from the window as excessive sunlight exposure may be harmful to the baby’s skin.

Color It Red
Color matters. There are nursery rooms that are heavily lighted by white, blue, or green colors. There is even a misconception that the color blue brings a calming effect that helps put babies to sleep, but several studies show that red-based light is the best room lighting option especially for infants. Blue light is actually considered a stimulant that boosts attention and reaction times.
Red lights in nursery rooms do not inhibit melanin production. Instead, the shades of red offer familiarity to babies. According to a study, babies find red light soothing because red is the only colored light babies would have seen inside their mother’s womb. Familiarity to the color may translate into having better sleep.
You may consider using firefly string lights with a heavy accent of red in your nursery room.

Use Different Lights in One Room
The concept of layering lights can do wonders to your nursery room. While soft lighting helps your child to sleep properly, there are numerous instances when you need a full bright light, such as when you’re changing your child’s diapers or breastfeeding your child.
By creating layers of lights, you get to use the appropriate lighting under whatever circumstance. You may install as many lights you need in your nursery room and use them according to their function.

Combine Fan and Light Functions
There are ceiling lights in the market that may be combined with a fan. This is a practical and efficient way to maintain a nursery room. Aside from the lighting you need for the room, the fan allows your baby to be relaxed as it brings a cooler temperature inside the room. Bladed fans may also be painted with bright colors that will give a happy atmosphere that your child will enjoy.

Become Eco-friendly with Low-Wattage Lights
More than just expressing yourself in making a glamorous nursery room, it is incumbent to use eco-friendly, energy-saving lights such as micro LED lights, string LED lights and LED fairy lights. While LED lights and other low-wattage bulbs may have a higher initial cost, they have a longer life span compared to other kinds of lights. The life span, however, will still depend on how you use it and on other environmental considerations.

Time to Light Up
With all these considerations in mind, you are free to choose the different options based on practical considerations such as the size of the room, the location of the electricity source, and your financial resources. These ideas will help you jump-start in creating your own nursery room.
Just don’t forget to be creative and give it a personal touch for the nursery room to stand out among the rest. Make it fun, and make sure that your baby will enjoy the comforts of the nursery room.