When it comes to shopping, timing is critical.

Even though sales deals are always up for grabs, savvy shoppers are well-aware that some items can be bought at affordable prices during certain seasons. Check out some of the suitable purchases to make in the different months of 2019.

Too much eating during the holidays causes many people to enter January with the goal of getting their body back into shape. During this period, retailers lower the prices for gym and fitness equipment.  Additionally, electronics, TVs, and technology, including smartwatches and smartphones, are also sold at affordable prices in January. Add some more linen to your belongings by taking advantage of the January “White Sales.”

According to Tangela Walker-Craft, a parenting and family blogger for Simply Necessary, you need to buy seasonal pieces of clothing such as cover-ups, swimming trunks, bathing suits among others when they are set to be marked down for stock clearance. Gift items featuring hearts for Valentine’s Day are usable for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries. You can also purchase heart-printed products after Valentine’s Day in a bid to take advantage of the highly discounted prices.

Some finance experts argue that March is an opportune time to buy items in preparation for your summer plans. Grills are some of the ideal things to buy in this month. Since they are mostly in high demand during summer, their prices usually shoot significantly after March. Hence, it is advisable to purchase such items in March.

This period is suitable for booking the desired relaxing cruise. Since it ushers in spring, you can also expect to find attractive deals on vacuum cleaners, primarily due to spring cleaning. With summer near the corner, most retailers also tend to offer different types of travel and outdoor equipment. As such, consider investing in such items in April as their prices are still favorable.

In May, various items such as home appliances and furniture come with attractive deals or prices. You can consider purchasing them during the Memorial Day Weekend Blowout Sales to benefit from the awesome deals available.

It marks the beginning of beautiful weather and summer. During this period, you can easily land yourself a sweet gym membership deal that can help you keep your body fit and in shape. The reason is that most people who start a new year with fitness resolutions end up canceling their gym membership at the beginning of summer upon realizing that their effort won’t bear fruit and they are just wasting their hard-earned money.

Amazon Prime Day, which is commemorated on July 11, is accompanied by notable discounts on Amazon products like Fire TV devices, Echo devices, and Kindles. The hot deals from Amazon trigger other large online retailers like Walmart and Target as well to offer appealing discounts in an attempt to compete for more sales.

As summer comes to a close, you can stock up on outdoor gear and bathing suits in preparation for the next summer. Most retailers price their items cheaply to help them clear their summer-based stock. What’s more, August is perfect for purchasing notebooks, pencils and other things as schools resume from summer. Doing so will help you save some money, especially on your kids' back-to-school shopping.

In most cases, stock prices are relatively lower in this month compared to other months. The reason behind this is scenario is that fund managers are usually involved in rebalancing their portfolios. Experts say that managers sell their losing positions during the end of the financial year’s third quarter not only to assist in boosting their year-end return results, but also capitalize on tax write-offs.

October is an excellent month for purchasing some pair of jeans, particularly after the back-to-school hype passes. Also, buying outdoor furniture during this period can save you some money since most people wait until spring or even summer to do so. When operating on a tight budget, do not miss the chance to get such items in October.  Store them away until the right moment when you need them comes.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Friday and Monday following Thanksgiving Day respectively, take place during this month. Both are associated with massive deals on various items including gaming consoles, handbags, boots, appliances, cookware, TVs among others.

Some finance experts will tell you that purchasing a home in December is a good move. There are fewer sellers and buyers in the housing space at this point of the year. December is a great month for deals, particularly those in the home ownership space.