There’s a typical saying in the athletics and workout world, ‘never miss leg day’. The joke is that many men will only work on the upper body while completely forgetting about or simply not trying to strengthen their lower body. They want the typical look of a strong muscular man but it's funny how naturally skinny their lower body is. Well, not everyone has the ability to work on their lower body due to joint pain. The lower body does the majority of the work when lifting our weight around. All of our weight is balanced, held upright, and also moved around by the power of our hips, pelvis, legs and ankles. All of these joints are designed for load bearing. They are usually ball and socket but at an angle and not so straight forward like our elbows. It can be a chore to do everyday normal stuff when you can’t move around as you want and sometimes even pose a danger to your own health.


 Forward weight extension The ankle is actually one of the smaller joints in the body that is very strong, to the point that it seems like it could easily outperform other larger joints. This is because it's a nice compact joint that is surrounded by many strong tendons and ligaments. The achilles heel is also supporting the rear and therefore the main way for an ankle to become weak is when it is twisted. To strengthen your ankles, you should practice putting weight on it by doing forward weight extension movements. This is something simple as sticking your heel firmly into the ground, and with your upper body over the top of the ankle’s axis, you bend your knee slightly. This takes the knee out of it and purely focuses on the ankle. You will feel a stretching in your achilles but also a nice sinking deep feeling at the top of the ankle joint.


 Don’t push yourself too far If you are having trouble moving around, it's good to get some exercise so your muscles don’t become docile. However don’t push yourself too far. Rather than going for a jog everyday, go for a walk instead. You shouldn’t overtrain your lower body joints and allow them to heal. You don’t want to get caught in an odd situation either such as slipping and falling in a store. This can further put your in pain and perhaps even cost your medical bills. If the store hasn’t bothered to put up warning signs, then you should contact  Neblett, Beard & Arsenault attorneys at law who can at least get you some compensation to pay for your recovery. Personal injuries are their bread and butter part of law so they know how to build a strong case methodically. Better yet, just don’t push yourself further than you can go when you are in pain. The lower body is the part of our body that keeps us upright and stable. When you have joint pain in these areas, it can make living life very trying. Doing basic weight extensions are a basic way for you to strengthen your joints right at home.