When a teenage child passes their driving test, it can be a great moment for everyone in the family. They will be excited about a new-found independence, and I’m sure that you will be happy about never having to pick them up or take them anywhere ever again. It’s certainly a win-win situation as you can say goodbye to being a parental taxi driver!

However, not every parent is filled with all this glee when their child can finally drive. Some actually start to worry and stress out quite a bit because they fret about their teen’s safety behind the wheel. Thankfully, there are things you can do to ensure that your teen becomes a safe and respectable driver. Read on to find out more!


Set A Good Example
Have you ever heard the saying “monkey see, monkey do”? It basically means that monkeys copy any behavior traits that they see. This is the case with children and teenagers as well. If they see you do something, then they will think that it is OK for them to copy your behavior. This is the case with driving too. If your child has grown up with you being an erratic and dangerous driver, then there is a good chance that they will be similar when they get behind the wheel. So, it’s always necessary to try and set a good example as a safe driver, even when your children are very young.

Ban All Distractions
Your child must never try to use their cell phone when they are out on the road. Their phone can end up being a huge distraction, and checking it while trying drive could end up with them losing control of the vehicle. That’s not the only distraction that could prove to be dangerous. A loud radio can also be distracting, so it’s best your child waits until they have plenty of experience before driving with the radio on.


Track Them When You Aren’t With Them
Did you know that it is possible to track your young driver when you aren’t in the car with them? It’s true! Family Orbit makes one of the nicest phone tracker apps and once it is installed into your child’s phone, it will flag up any times they are in a speeding car. If you do ever notice that they have been speeding in their car, then you can always have a quiet word with them about just how dangerous that can be.

Supervise Their First Nighttime Drives
Driving in the dark can be very difficult for new drivers. In fact, the majority of crashes occur as a result of inexperienced drivers driving in the nighttime. So, it’s a good idea to go with your child and supervise them on their first few nighttime drives. This should give them confidence as they get used to driving in low vision.

Don’t be worried when your teen starts driving. Doing all of the above can help you ensure that they stay safe on the roads.