Summer is the perfect time for hosting a totally rip-roaring barbecue.  But what sets apart a regular old barbecue and an awesome one?  The answer? It’s all in the extra details. 

If you want to host a backyard party that your friends and family will never forget, here are some of the best tips to get you started.

Step Up Your Backyard Space
Your backyard should be equipped with all the right elements to host. Skimping on the details will only detract from your party’s overall experience.  Therefore, you want to make sure that you’ve considered every possible thing you’ll need.

Ask yourself whether you’ve got enough seating.  Your guests should have plenty of places to sit, so no one is forced to stand. Does your barbecue have enough charcoal?  Run to the store before the last minute. Have you considered what will happen if it rains?  Ensure your porch is covered.

Ask Guests To Bring a Dish

Even though you’re hosting the party and will be expected to provide most of the menu items, it’s still a lot for you to take on alone.  If you’re hosting more than 5 people, you should seriously consider asking your guests to bring one dish each.

The idea is that everyone chips in a little and takes some of the load of work off of your plate.  There will be fewer dishes to do, less time spent in the kitchen, and it gives your guests a chance to shine a bit by bringing their own signature dish.

Make sure that you know if any of your guests are vegetarians or have food allergies so that you have an option for everyone’s diets.

Pump The Tunes

Can you even imagine a summer barbecue without epic summer tunes?  Be sure to set up a sound system outdoors so that you can blast the music under that summer sun.

Not only does music help everyone to unwind and celebrate, but it also creates a more comfortable ambiance.

Try to plan a playlist a few days ahead so that you have the perfect songs lined up for your guests’ listening pleasure.

Plan An Activity
It’s fun to plan something for your event other than just drinking and eating.  Although drinking and eating are, let’s face it, awesome, it gives everyone a chance to interact a little more.

An activity can be anything which encourages interaction.  Whether you have a pool, set up a horseshoe throw, or even toss a football around.

Try to choose something which is fun for everyone and will get your guests giggling and excited to join in.  For even bigger parties, you may want to consider several activities rather than just one.