Some of the things to consider in a floor for the kitchen are the type of traffic and incidents that happen in a kitchen. There are some flooring types that would not fare well in the kitchen arena. Kitchen floors deal with spilled liquids, dropped eggs, and other various messes.

One choice is the grooved, hand-scraped, and other distressed flooring can be much more than just a statement of style. These kinds of flooring can help hide dings from jars hitting the floor as well as blending in with common wear and tear a kitchen floor takes. There are patterns and styles that make it possible to simply do your own kitchen floor renovation because they can be clicked combine and "float" in place without gluing or nailing.

In looking at kitchen flooring, it is valuable to have a kitchen floor that is slip resistant. It is vital to also have a surface in the kitchen that is resistant to scratches and stains. If you have kids around, or are planning a family in the future, you may not want to pick vinyl for your kitchen floor. While some vinyl flooring emits fairly a few volatile organic compounds there is still fear due to health problems and pollution where vinyl is concerned.

Tile or stone work extremely well in heavy traffic areas of the home, such as the kitchen. One of the most perfect tiles is ceramic, which comes in various styles and colors. Ceramic tiles also have lots of choices that can be used for decorative borders or designs.

If you want to use limestone, bear in mind it is a porous stone and must be sealed upon installation and then twice a year. Limestone is a natural stone and provides an Old World look to it, anyway, if the maintenance for it is not something you want to undertake, I would advise finding another flooring material for your kitchen.

Wood is a remarkable and famous choice for the floor in the kitchen. Upkeep is fairly minimal and it can make an amazing warm look to your kitchen. You can match the color of the wood floor to the cabinets in the kitchen, or go for a darker or lighter shade matched to the cabinets. Wood flooring can be distressed as described earlier, to help the high the dings that may happen. Many of prefinished wood flooring choices today can simply withstand heavy traffic and even water stains. There are also laminate flooring available which can be a substitute to the wood floors, but provide a similar look for less money.