There will always be good times and bad times in our lives. However, happiness needs to outnumber the latter when it comes to any relationship, most especially in marriage. Because if it is the other way around, we can therefore conclude you are not in a healthy relationship anymore. In marriage, problems can either break you or build you. A problem can cause breakup or can strengthen the relationship. The result of every trial is gonna depend on your method of approach and how you handle each situation. Here are the common issues in a marriage and the best solutions:

Stressed Partner
The first thing in mind is how to help your partner de-stress. First, show your partner empathy, give comfort and let your partner feel you are with him in this. Ask your partner what you can do to help, always use a soft voice and focus on everything your partner will tell you. Then, figure out the cause of stress, is it work related? Is it your marriage? Finding the root cause why your partner is stressed will give your partner the assurance of partner’s support. Discuss together the challenges that comes with it. Prioritize communication and determine the possible solutions. Have an open mind do the best for your relationship. 

An online marriage counsellor's expertise is all you need if you cannot figure out the best way to handle stressed partner. Convince your partner to undergo online therapy and also work hard outside of therapy to fix any issue.  can be your best friend in dealing with stress that triggers the misunderstanding with your partner. 

There are also many activities you can do together to help your partner reduce stress. Exercise together, and do some workout routines. For most couples, cuddling and sex is a guaranteed stress reliever because it elevates mood and also serves as quality time for partners. A good nutrition and a good night sleep can also help recover the body from stress. Giving your partner a good massage is a simple gesture yet 
a sure fire way to help your partner destress. 

Time Management
When one or both are busy with work, a 5-minute call every 4 hours won’t hurt your schedule. Try to update your partner as much as possible to make her/him feel important. Leaving a simple note before you go to work, can make a day. Never take your partner for granted, and always give back when your partner does kind things.

Of course you cannot just work all week, you need to give your partner a time. All you need to do is master balancing your busy schedules to squeeze quality time with your partner. If you find it hard to do so, try to consult your therapist how to balance your time. provides online counselling for couples with relationship issues. Once you are scheduled for a therapy session, you will have the chance to discuss the issue with your therapist and come up with the best solution how to improve your connection with your partner.

Stop fighting with your partner about finances. This is one of the most common issue in marriage. Never keep a secret about a debt, or your income. Trust is an essential element in marriage. And it can never be broken. So never intent to lie on money matters to avoid bad circumstances.

To effectively manage your finances, you have to plan the family budget together. If you and your partner find it hard to work together a financial plan, it is the best time for you to call a therapist. Your online therapist can give you the best advice to come up with a perfect solution how to keep your relationship together as you get accustomed to healthy financial habits.

A difficult marriage setting can never survive without help. You don't have to deal with the issues alone. Never hesitate to consult a therapist to further handle each other's differences. Don't think twice, a marriage is too precious to be broken. Counselling cost is nothing than losing your marriage in the end. And of course, divorce will cost more.