The line is minuscule when it comes to men’s jewelry about being right and going overboard. A controversial topic, men’s jewelry items are getting highly popular in the market with each passing day and you can sport the trend really catching on. If you are someone who is into jewelry and is unsure about how to go about the idea, this write-up is all you will ever require.

Subtlety often forms the key factor when it comes to men’s accessories. Within the blink of an eye, you can go from a casual man to an overdressed movie character with the wrong accessories. Another point to note is to wear jewelry nonchalantly. When we say jewelry, we are thinking about all kinds of items such as watches, rings, bracelets, chains, tie bars, cufflinks, and earrings.

Another integral part of men’s jewelry is regarding combination. How do you know what to wear with what? Can you wear multiple kinds of jewelry all at once and get away with it? All you need is a good sense of selection and a strong air of confidence to feel like yourself and dress like who you are.

Types Of Jewelry
Every piece of jewelry carries a certain amount of meaning and symbolism along with it. Before you start to try combinations and experiment with jewelry, here is an introduction to the common variations of men’s jewelry and the significance they hold to the wearer.

A simple piece of jewelry commonly worn by men, a watch is a great accessory to start with as you enter the world of men’s jewelry. There are several types of watches ranging from a simple leather strapped one to a luxury watch studded with gemstones. It is often considered a status symbol as people tend to judge you based on the type, quality, and brand of the watch you choose.

The tricky part regarding choosing the right watch is the part regarding the size of the dial. It is important that you pick one that is just the right size for your wrist and not oversized or undersized which can look bad. A leather strap watch is a great start as it is simple, classic and minimal. Almost nothing can go wrong with an elegant leather strapped watch as it is perfect for both formal as well as casual occasions.

For strictly formal events you can even opt for a metal watch such as a classy gold one. If you hold a love for luxury, you can choose a luxury watch as well after you are used to your simple one. These watches are known for their accuracy in timekeeping and advanced technologies involved. To add to the great functioning, they also look great and add to your personality.

They say less is more and it couldn’t be more accurate in the case of men’s jewelry. Bracelets are a simple accessory that can accentuate your wrist, add elegance to your attire and do all of this without going overboard. They can even be stacked if you want to add more emphasis to it.

 It is important to select the types of bracelets you would like to wear carefully. To start with, choosing a modern design with a thin strap will be a good choice. Leather and wooden bracelets are a great combination with casual attire as well as formal and hence make a great choice. While metal bracelets lie on the other end of the spectrum, they make a great choice as well.

One of the most common forms of men’s jewelry is rings. They have been worn by men of stature from historic times. While they serve ornamental purpose extremely well, it is important to remember that a ring is a piece of highly meaningful jewelry depending on the finger you choose to wear it in, and its type. Signet rings are another common form of vintage jewelry that rings with an engagement of the family crest, worn by the family’s members and passed down generations.

It is important to not overdo rings by wearing multiple ones at the same time. You can wear up to two rings at a time when you are new and slowly move ahead to higher numbers if your personality demands it.

Another piece of jewelry to be careful about, a necklace can be worn elegantly if you choose carefully. Necklaces often fall into a rigid category of design and concept due to the thought processes behind it. For instance, You can also visit  as they have a good collection you will be spoilt for choice.

A necklace should be worn in a way that it does not steal the show, instead highlight your personality and good looks. A great way to wear a necklace is by partially hiding it behind your shirt. You can experiment with materials such as hemp, silver, gold etc.

Another common form of men’s jewelry, earrings also happen to be one of the hardest pieces of accessory for a man to get away with. They can create a contrasting vibe at places such as the office. It is important to tread lightly and choose subtle earrings that accentuate your face without being flashy or overboard. You can wear a simple metal earring or one with a precious stone embedded onto it.

Tie Bar & Cufflinks
Another traditional form of men’s jewelry, Tie Bars and cufflinks are a businessman’s best friend. Not only do they add a dash of class to your formal attire, but they also help you look well off. You can experiment with various designs available and choose between metals such as gold & silver. The best part about these two accessories is that they are highly functional while being aesthetically grand as well.

Regarding the placement of tie bar, be sure to place it within the third and fourth button of the shirt or at the half length of the tie. Also, ensure to match metals when you accessorize your formal attire.