Watching a film with your children can be such a great way to unwind and have quality bonding time with them. If watching movies is a big part of family life for you, have you considered Home Cinema Installation? Transform a room in your home into a cinema with a full-size cinema screen and surround sound system. Your kids won’t believe their eyes and you’ll gain some serious parent points.

Whether you want a cinema experience or you’re happy to just sit back and relax with your kids in front of your TV, check out our list of the top 5 family films to give you some ideas of what to watch next with them.

ET or Extra Terrestrial which is what it stands for, is the tale of an alien who becomes stranded on earth. After being discovered by a kind young boy, ET is hidden in the boy’s home and looked after by him. He soon introduces him to his friends and young family, and between them they keep him a secret. Much to their dismay, ET falls ill and the government become aware of his existence, leaving the children with an important decision to make and a real adventure to take part in. This film teaches your children how to care for others and how to use their moral compass.  

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins is a great film for teaching your children how to enjoy their chores, as well as introducing them to the wonderful idea of magic. Mary Poppins is a nanny with super powers which help her to achieve extraordinary feats, as well as take the children under her care on glorious adventures. Full of color and music, this is a real feel good film.

The Wizard of Oz
Following a Tornado, Dorothy is whisked away to a magical land and begins a quest to meet the wizard who can help her find her way home. On her journey, Dorothy meets some brilliant characters who can help your children to learn about lots of different human characteristics. For example, a scarecrow who has lost his brain, a tin man who has lost his heart, and a cowardly lion.

Home Alone
The ultimate Christmas movie; Home Alone is set on a wintery Christmas Eve. It tells the tale of a young boy who is accidentally left home alone when the rest of his family go on holiday. Faced with the prospect of being burgled, Kevin soon sets about laying clever traps to catch the baddies. This is a great film with some real comedy moments, that encourages your children to find courage in the face of adversity. 

Toy Story
And finally, if you like to encourage your children’s imagination, Toy Story is a great watch. Making many children’s dreams a reality, Toy Story tells the tale of what toys get up to behind closed doors when their owner is away. The famous characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear take part in a great adventure to find their way back to their owner, when they accidentally make their way into the hands of a dangerous neighbor.

There are loads of great family films out there which can help to re-enforce certain life lessons for your children. ET can help them to make difficult decisions, Mary Poppins can help them to understand the responsibilities of owning their own home one day, and The Wizard of Oz teaches them about different human traits. Home Alone teaches them how to stay calm in scary situations and Toy Story is just great for making them feel like their imagination can be a fantastic tool in life.