Most expectant mothers hope to return to their usual way of life a month after the baby’s born.

Then they become moms. They become exhausted. Their priorities change. Their partners, who used to be the centre of their universe, are now replaced be a newborn demanding way more attention than any partner ever could.
So, we all want to be good parents for our children, but when your kids take over your life, and you no longer have me-time or time with your spouse only, everyone loses.

How to be a good mom?
The most important thing is to love your family and to make sure they feel loved. If you’re trying to be a good mom, start by figuring out what you consider to be the most important—is it discipline? Is it quality time? Is it providing your kids with opportunities? Once you’ve figured that out, set some ground rules and work to be a positive role model in your kids’ lives. Don’t forget, a good mom is the one, who is happy with her partner.

So, how to be a good wife and mother at the same time?

1. Patience
Patience is the definition of a good mother. Sometimes, while exploring or trying out new things, children can be pretty careless as well. Patience is good both for you and your children as they will pick up the qualities they see in you and your husband.

2. Stay positive
Make sure you say more positive things than negative. Negatives include corrections, complaints, nagging, and lecturing.

3. Encouraging
It is your job to keep encouraging them even if they fail infinitely. Children with supportive and encouraging mothers are able to take their failures lightly and try again without remorse.

4. Get your family's opinion
Ask your kids and your partner regularly, how they think you are doing as a parent and/or a partner. Ask them the ways they would like you to improve and try to listen with open ears. Maybe that will inspire them to ask you the same question someday.

What is a bad wife?
Trying to do a lot of things about your child and also managing the house chores, it's difficult to be a good wife and mom at the same time.

When your little child is naughty and cries loudly for some crazy reason, you simply lose your mind. And then you greet your husband who is tired after work by complaints and objections. You begin considering yourself a bad wife and even a bad mom too.

Indeed, managing your life as a mother and a wife is a completely new chapter of life. You as a mother, want to take the best care of your little one, and somewhere deep in your heart, you want to be with your love, hug and kiss him.

It is great if you think about how to be a good wife and mother. Is it possible? Definitely yes.

Cook food that your husband loves. Greet him with a smile and make sure you hug him whenever you get time to ease yourself. One hug with your love and all your worries and tiredness will drain away. Be fun, interesting and look sexy when you get some free time for yourself.

Remember, before you became a mother, you were his hot wife. Watch a movie and plan dates on weekends. Make sure you spend time together and talk about your life and your children.

This is the only way to manage your life as a successful mom and wife at the same time.
Written by Andrew Guerra