How To Decorate The Perfect Guest Bedroom And Become The Prefect Host

We all from time to time have house guests, be it friends, relatives or even the dreaded in-laws! But how much thought goes into the average guest bedroom? My guess is that it's not usually the area of the home that gets first chance at being decorated and done-up and that's perfectly natural and understanding, however giving a guest bedroom a bit more care and attention can be very beneficial for you. It will enhance your guests experience and score you valuable brownie points with people in your life, if done well enough you could even make some cash by turning a spare room into a temporary hotel room.

This is key to all other decisions in decorating a room, you first need to think what you'd like and also what will work with the space you have. A color scheme is essential, is it dark, light or mixed colors, are you looking to keep the wall colors or change them? What about the carpet or flooring? Does that need changed? There are so many factors in just deciding what is the best carpet to buy. So pick your theme carefully as it sets the tone for everything else. Color, style and layout all play a part, for example think about how much natural light comes into the room but if it's not too much then maybe try to avoid dark or bold colors.

How To Furnish The Room
When deciding what kind of furnishings, you would like for your guest bedroom think about how much space you have, it's not usually desirable to have a cramped space if at all avoidable. Try and keep the room from being a store for all of your seldom used possessions, that's what lofts and garages are for! Keep all furniture on theme in both style and color (and make sure this matches the theme) and your room will come alive and be a beautiful sanctuary for your visiting guest.

What Should Go On The Walls?
This is an important step because although bare walls are usually not desirable, cluttered walls or ones with too many contrasting items are bad too. Decisions that should be made will be do you want wall lamps, photographs, posters or paintings? Lamps could be positioned above where the bed might be although this is risky if the position of the bed might ever move. Artwork is also a tricky decision, be sure to keep it inoffensive and theme-friendly but with a bit of planning some classy framed prints can be easily sourced at a reasonable price. It's easy to forget as well about the color theme when choosing art work, if it's a soft pastel colored décor then easy, pick soft colored art, such as watercolors, but if it's a bright and bold room then best to go in the other direction.

Finally, once the décor has all been decided it's important to keep this sleeping area tidy, quiet, at the right temperature and peaceful enough for all your guests. If you can set up the perfect sleeping environment you will have the best guest bedroom you could hope for.

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