Many parents do not focus on their child’s dental care, and they don’t know how much dental care is required.  Surprisingly they also want to protect them from cavities and many other dental diseases, but they are unaware of the best way to do so.
Following are some useful tips and guidelines to protect your kids from any dental harm.

Perfect Time of Brushing Teeth for Kids
·         When your baby appears to get his/her teeth, use an infant toothbrush for brushing their teeth. Take a little amount of toothpaste equal to rice grain and use an appropriate amount of water. Use the toothpaste that contains fluoride
·         When your child is around age 2, ask your child to spit while brushing to avoid swallowing toothpaste
·         Around age 3 or more than that, take pea-sized toothpaste on a brush
·         Always supervise kids younger than age seven while brushing, as they are more likely to swallow it

Demonstrate Different Brushing Techniques
·         Take sufficient amount of toothpaste
·         First, brush your teeth from inside, clean each tooth, brush gently up & down
·         Clean the outer surface of each tooth properly
·         Use the tip of the brush to sparkling behind each front tooth, both top and bottom.
·         Don’t forget to clean your tongue; it’s always fun to do so

Prevent Kids from Cavity
Cavity cause because of leftover food particles and bacteria in teeth when they are not correctly brushed away.  
·         Develop good oral habit in your kids. Ask your kids to brush your teeth twice a day
·         Consume enough amount of fluoride to kill bacteria
·         Avoid junk and sweet food as they caused a cavity

Developing the Habit of Healthy Eating
Tell your kids the importance of healthy food, how important it is for your dental health. Eating healthy can make your kid's teeth stronger. Milk is essential do not compromise on that provide a sufficient amount of milk to your kids.

Place Rewards for Your Kids
Surprises and rewards can do magic; they are the best motivators to develop good habits among kids. It will help in establishing a healthy routine of dental hygiene. You can create a chart and make a follow up how much time they have done brushing without making silly excuses. At the end of the day or a week you can give their reward in the form of their favorite things. It will inculcate the habit of brushing among your kids.

Tell Your Kids Stories and Watch Movies on Dental Care
There are many cartoonist videos available on youtube regarding dental care. It can motivate your child to have bright stronger teeth. In the same way you can tell your kids different stories using their favorite characters.

Consult Dental Doctors
If you find any abnormality regarding your kids' teeth, you should see a Periodontist. It’s not something to think about rust to the nearest clinic to protect your kids from various dental diseases. 

Good oral hygiene should start as soon as possible. We know it can be tough sometimes to convince your three years old to brush on time and avoid junk food. Here comes your job how you will be inculcating healthy habits among them.  Use the above-discussed tips and ideas to make your kids healthy.