Booker Clover is a cloud reliant business management POS software which has been specially made for spas and salons. Decked with automated marketing automation, online booking through Yep, Google and Facebook, social media advertisement and promotion, tailor-made booking pages, POS and payment processing specs and a lot more, Booker has a lot to give to its owner. Booker software has joined hands with Clover to bring to you the Booker Clover Mini.

This amazing system gives you the amazing business solutions and service commerce merchants like salons and spas. This works seamlessly and can wirelessly integrate their system with Clover Mini POS. Some of the amazing benefits and services of Clover Mini are mentioned below:
1.       Clover Mini accepts several payment methodologies like magnetic stripe debit and credit card, service packages, gift cards, EMV cards, NFC payments from Google Wallet and Apple Pay, loyalty points without any requirement for inclusive hardware
2.       The system is light in weight, compact, portable and integrates in your salon’s layout as required.
3.       It can run wirelessly on 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity so you can even carry your business while you are on the go.
4.       It features end to end encrypting card reader, a locked OS, authenticated SSL and data tokenization.
5.       Is has modern design from Tesla and Apple and looks amazing on your counter top.
6.       Supports several ports like Ethernet, USB, cash drawer, speaker and audio jack, SIM card slot, front camera, microphone and receipt printer.
But this is not it! If you have Booker Clover Mini on one side, you the all new all-in-one POS Clover Station 2018 on the other side. The new version of original Clover station has a lot to offer you and comes with welcoming upgrades.

Designed for speed
With the amazingly inventive 8-core state of the art Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 4GB memory, the Clover Station 2018 is highly quick and responsive. Right from running applications to payment processes, Clover will do a lot for you in a short time span

Streamlined payments
1.       One more upgrade is the inclusion of EMV chip for signature processing without any additional device support like Clover Mini.
2.       The built-in chip card reader will make payments processes simpler. The NFC receipt printer will help the customers make contactless payments via Apple Pay

Bigger Screen Size
1.       The Clover Station 2018 comes with 14-inch high resolution IPS LCD screen. It has grown 3-inches in size to make accessing and entering data simpler than before.
2.       In order to make quicker and securer employee login, you have fingerprint sensor. So, you no longer need pin codes. Just use your finger for quick and easy login procedure.

Battery Backup
In case of power outage, the Clover Station 2018 doesn’t leave you alone. It comes with in-built battery backup so you can get uninterrupted payment processes for at least 4 hours.
Booker Clover Mini and Clover Station 2018 have their own significance. You can use the one which matches your business preferences in the best possible way.