LinkedIn is a number-one till for all the job-seekers. And those, who are raising their children are not the exception. Mothers, who are now looking for a job must be a little bit confused about all the recent requirements and rules. If you are one of them, stop being afraid. Use LinkedIn. Read our article and find out how to take advantage of this service and land the job.

1. Mention Your Location.
No matter if you are applying for the remote job or looking for the side hustle, you should indicate the place where you are. It hugely increases your chances of being noticed by the recruiters. The fact is - the more details you have in your profile, the more attractive it is for the hiring managers, as they have more opportunities to get in touch with you.

2. Have Referrals.
20% of recruiters admit that network recommendations influence their verdict a lot. A recommendation from your former colleagues or supervisors will make your resume stand out of the crowd and persuade the hirer in your professionalism and credibility. Ask your colleagues to write something for you and do not be shy to make the same for them.

3. Do Not Be Sudden.
The valuable piece of advice from ResumeWritingLab LinkedIn profile writers does not pop up with your demands. If you are looking for a part-time job from home, do not write it right in the first paragraph. Such a thing usually pushes the hirers away. Firstly, discuss all the requirements, and then ask if the employer can provide you with special conditions.

4. Add the Essential Keywords.
Probably everyone knows about the necessity of including relevant keywords into your application documents. Your LinkedIn profile should be the same. Even if you want to impress your article with all of your qualifications and traits, do not overdo. Scan the job posting for the fundamental demands and add them into your experience description.

5. Involve Your Specific Qualities.
Those, who involve more than five useful skills have more profile views. Adding more particular qualifications and skills makes you a better and more valuable applicant. Most parts of the recruiters prove that skills are even more important than education and diplomas.

6. Show Your Level.
The necessity of adding skills does not mean that the education paragraph must be ignored. If the hirer cannot see what degree and diploma you have, he is more likely to think that you do not have one. That is why it is better to provide him with such a piece of information.

7. Decide Your Format.
One thing most people doubt about is if they want to have the opportunity to get in touch with everyone. Are you ready to communicate with people, who you do not know, or do not like? Think about it. If you have many acquaintances, you have more chances to land a job and connect to the employers. But, at the same time, being open to everyone can make you feel inconvenient. So, choose the best option and change your settings accordingly.

8. Explain the Gaps.
This matter is one more topic for discussion both of the applicants and hirers. Some people say, that explanations of why you do not have any job experience during a particular period is not essential, and does not work at all. Others claim that the candidates must tell about each break in their career. But only you decide if to share your mother obligations to the employers.
9.  Put Additional Material.
LinkedIn profile is not a resume. That is why here you have many more options to prove your worthiness. For example, add your ready website projects or photo/video portfolio. Do not only write about your accomplishments but show them. Put the images, movies, screenshots - all the media draws the attention and gives the hirer a clearer understanding of your job done.

10. Join LinkedIn Groups.
LinkedIn is the service, which makes becoming a part of a professional group very easy. This fastest method of being noticed and connecting to new people can serve you like the most effective tool in the whole job-search process, especially after maternity leave. But do not just participate in such groups, be active. Leave comments, write posts, ask and answer the questions. Also, check your settings in order to allow people to contact you.

Bottom Line
Even if you had a long break or leave and do not know where to start, start from the LinkedIn. This service unites people from different from all over the country, with own difficulties, disadvantages, and needs. That is why you better work for a few days with your profile and make it outstanding. Real recruiters look for the real workers. Emphasize your best values and impress them with the correct skills. Show that you are now ready to come back to the job and are engaged in the industry. The trends change permanently, so change along with them. Good luck!