Chance are, you already do all that you can to avoid a house fire, but there are several things you can do to protect yourself from just such a disaster in addition to these things. You need to have certain items installed to alert you to danger and help you save yourself. Family escape plans are a must, and having the proper coverage from your home owner’s insurance will ease the pain after a disaster.

Items You Need to Have

Install working smoke detectors in all bedrooms and living areas of your home. Being alerted early enough can save lives. Fire extinguishers need to be kept within reach, and everyone should know how to use them. Take advantage of the fire sprinkler certification california residents have available to ensure your home’s sprinklers function correctly.

Create an Escape Plan

It is extremely important to have an escape plan in place. The plan should include specific instructions on how to get out of every room in the house safely. Emergency ladders need to be in all upstairs bedrooms. Designate an exact spot where all family members should meet once they are safely outside.

Home Owner’s Insurance is Crucial

Although no one wants to think about having a house fire, it is important that you do. Have a discussion with your insurance agent about what coverage you should have. Remember that the money needs to replace all of your belongings as well as repair the home, or possibly start over.

Having working smoke detectors, properly functioning sprinklers, and fire extinguishers in your home can help save you and your loved one’s lives. Be sure to have an escape plan in place that every family member understands, and in case a disaster such as a fire were to happen, make sure you have the proper coverage. All of these things will work together in order to protect you and your family from the damage a fire can leave behind.