When it comes to buying a snare drum, there are many different options on the market to choose from. A typical snare drums shop carries at least 30 different brands of snare drums. Each brand has different features that make it unique, and it is important to know which brand is best suited for your needs.

How to find the one that’s fitted for your sound? Start by knowing what each type sounds and feels like.

Ludwig is a well-known brand that’s a standard for metal drums. They have one of the most versatile snare drums available and is well-suited for many different types of music, from heavy metal to jazz. There are many different types of Ludwig snare drums available, ranging in types of metal and size, to fit your specific needs. Ludwig’s are used by many well-known musicians and are a great classic brand for you to consider.

The Canopus brand is known for its crisp sound. The Canopus is meant for a more experienced musician. It gives great overtones, tenability, and openness that provides for full projection of sound.

Canopus snare drums also have many bold looks including metallic turquoise, bright orange, striped wood, and faded wood which sets them apart from other brands and makes them very unique.

Mapex is another top quality snare drum brand on the market. They are sleek and come in many different types, sizes, and colors. This brand is also a relatively inexpensive option compared to many others and come with a lifetime warranty. This is the perfect drum brand that’s affordable but still quality.

Pearl Reference
Pearl Reference is another well-known, classic brand known for the characteristic snare sound. These are an extremely high quality equipped with thick shells for excellent tonality, great lugs with flawless tension alignment, and die cast hoops.

The Pearl Reference brand is known for the vast range and sensitivity in their drums. This brand has one of the widest varieties in snare drum options, spread across 13 different series of drum. They come in many different metal, color, and size options to fit all of your needs.

Gretsch drums are known for their distinct sound and unique look, which separates them from others. These snares tend to fall in the middle price range of the market and are divided into 12 different series of drum offered in several different sizes, metal types, and colors. You can also find hammered metals and multi-metal snare drums in the Gretsch brand, unlike competitors.

Noble and Cooley
Noble and Cooley snare drums are another example of a brand with a unique look. These drums are available in metal as well as a wide variety of wood types including walnut, cherry, oak, and maple. Noble and Cooley embrace the materials used to create each drum, giving it a sparkling metal finish or a sleek, warm wooden finish.

The Tama brand offers elegant and refined drums for the seasoned player. There are six different types of Tama snare drum series. Each drum is truly unique in look and has a sharp, open sound due to its sensitive wires. This is yet another brand that offers a wide range of both wood and metal options to suit your needs.

Yamaha is a brand that is respected by all musicians, and they offer many different snare drum options. With wood and metal options, these drums are classic, traditional, and give you the standard snare drum sound. Hamah tends to be in the middle price range and is a great option for any snare drum player.