Whether you have just bought yourself a house, or you build it, you know how expensive owning one can be. However, that wasn't the end of your spending on your home. You have to keep on maintaining it to ensure everything is in order else it will cost you a fortune if it's not well maintained. So, what can do to ensure you keep your new house always to make it attractive? Read on, to get the answer;

1.      Clean your home regularly
A dirty house does not only make your house unattractive, but it can also damage the furniture, the wall, and the floor of your house. Dirty sinks and toilets could as well cause blockages that in return can lead to destroying them. So, ensure you clean your home at least daily.
2.      Inspect the exterior of your house annually
Check all around your apartment’s external side, including the windows and the doors. Look whether the paint is chipping out to repaint. Also if you notice any broken or cracked window or door, you should repair them. Don’t forget to inspect the roofing as well, and make the necessary repair if needed. Some of these repairs you can do them yourself, provided you have the tools that are required such as the most accurate EDM machines, fasteners, and seals among others. Clean the gutters too to avoid clogging.
3.      Maintain your garden
Your lawn is also part of your home, and so it needs proper maintenances as well. Trim down the trees if necessary to keep them neat and have a clean environment. Tall plants could also interfere with the electrical wire causing a hazard. So, ensure they're well short in both your neighborhood and in your compound.

4.      Check your fire extinguishers
Safeguard your family and your house from fire by installing many fire extinguishers in your home. However, having them around and ensuring they’re all functional are two different things. Check them at least twice in a year to make sure that they're operational and also make sure all people in the house know how to use them.
5.      Check all the faucets
Ensuring you're your kitchen and bathroom faucets are in good condition will save you money. If you notice a loose drain, fasten it before it gets damaged. Replace the worn out taps before they become useless and start causing leakage.
6.      Other routine check-ups
Other home maintenances includes; flushing the guest rooms toilets, once in a while to prevent grim, cleaning your garage and inspecting its doors, cleaning the pavement, chimney, reinspecting your electronics too.
A well-maintained house will always look smart and beautiful to stay. A poorly maintained home will not only cost you more money during repair, but it's also hazardous to your health. Let everyone in the apartment work together as a team to ensure they keep it well. Teach your kids on how they should be responsible as well and keep all rooms tidy.