As a mom, you can probably relate to the amount of effort that has to go into life! If you work full time, part-time or all the time to look after and provide for your family, we all know it’s not an easy feat. To all the parents out there, we salute you! We know it’s not easy to maintain a work-life balance and it can be difficult to keep on top of tasks, especially when that to-do list only ever seems to get longer. If you’ve been saying you’ll redecorate, lose weight, make a cake or take a break for what feels like centuries, have you ever considered Instagram could be the source of inspiration you’ve been looking for?

Food and nutrition
Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world and it’s easy to see why. You can access thousands upon thousands of photos and videos that other users have shared for people like you to see it. Creative content is key and will be one of the reasons you find what you’re searching for. There are many users who buy Instagram likes in order to increase engagement and boost the post’s popularity. So, let’s paint a picture in our minds: you’ve just finished a week of work and you’re exhausted, the kids are crying, and you open the fridge, trying to come up with a magnificent idea for dinner. You can use Instagram and follow food pages, recipe ideas or people who love to create quick, easy and healthy recipes to give you some great ideas of what to make.  If you’re not sure what you want, the search tool on Instagram will come in very handy. You can type in keywords like ‘food’, ‘recipes’, ‘healthy food’ to give you some motivation for your next meal.           
Health and fitness
There are numerous Instagram accounts dedicated to health and fitness, losing weight and improving your overall health and wellbeing. As Instagram is a free app, you may as well make the most out of it and use it as much as you need! If you’re looking for some motivation to lose weight, there are plenty of pages and posts on Instagram that will inspire you. Whether your aim is to lose some pounds, get some gym tips or look for the latest activewear, Instagram is a fantastic tool for this purpose.

House and d├ęcor
Is there a room in your house that when you walk in, the first thing you think is ‘I must redecorate this room soon’? Then you won’t be the only one! While there are apps such as Pinterest that give you lots of visual ideas for your next transformation product, Instagram can also be a brilliant tool to show you how to revamp a room and see its potential. The other great reason Instagram is useful for this is lots of users tag where they got products such as cushions and lampshades from, so you can buy them too!

Instagram isn’t always just about the likes and popularity of your own posts, it’s also about using it to inspire you! Try it for yourself and see what ideas you can come up with!