Corporate vehicle rental can be a great advantage to your business. It doesn’t matter whether you are operating a full fleet or just a few company vehicles UK wide, corporate rental is the best, most efficient and easiest way to go.

Reasons for corporate vehicle rental:
  • Promotion
  • Cost Cutting
  • Flexibility
  • No Grey Fleet Issues
  • Safety
  • Choice
Business Promotion
The first impression you make on your clients with your vehicle is the most important. There is a wide range of top of the range vehicles which would be ideal for your company if you have a corporate event that you need to attend.

If you are renting vehicles over a longer period, a plain vehicle gives you the opportunity to promote your business with your own sign writing, giving you the perfect moving advertisement.
Cost Cutting
CVS van hire will ensure that you can keep track of what you are spending with a detailed management information report. This can help you recognize costs that can be eliminated and any business trends that you can cater to.

You will also be able to make savings on costs such as fuel, parking and toll charges. If you have staff who travel regularly to attend conferences or meetings, hiring a 9 seater MPV rather than each person travelling separately is a great way to keep costs down.

Van hire is becoming increasingly popular among businesses due to the flexibility of not being committed to a contract period. A fleet of vehicles which sit unused for a lengthy period of time is an unnecessary drain on resources, making vehicle rental an extremely attractive option for businesses.

Often, new employees are allocated a company vehicle, but in the event that the employee leaves during their probation period, the rental vehicle can just be returned.

Contract hire vehicles usually have early termination fees and in the case of an employee leaving, your business would be out of pocket. With CVS there are no early termination fees.
The flexibility offered by having corporate rental vehicles makes things easy when there are unforeseen circumstances.

Businesses have times when they have a busy period; this could be anything from needing extra vans to do deliveries over a busy trading period or having extra staff who you need to transport.

Emergencies do happen and there may be a time when one of your company cars has been in an accident or there has been a breakdown. In these cases, a vehicle rental can save the day.
Eliminate Grey Fleet Problems
Over the last few years, employees have been prohibited by companies from driving their own cars for business use due to the duty of care responsibilities.

Renting a vehicle takes away the problem of having a detailed check on your “grey fleet” which means that vehicle use for a business trip becomes much less of a concern.

Corporate vehicle rental companies supply vehicles that are under two years old, safe and well maintained. In the event of an emergency, the vehicles are supported by breakdown cover offering peace of mind for the company and the employee.

As a member of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, you will find only the highest service standards.
Your Choice
Every business has different needs and renting a vehicle lets you choose what type of transport you want. If, for example, a catering company needs to transport produce and make sure it arrives fresh, a refrigerated vehicle is needed.

Maybe just four people need to attend a conference, a car is perfect for this or there may be the need for a vehicle which with a large wheelbase to accommodate a grand piano or has space for your dogs. This is where a rental vehicle offers you choice and flexibility.

Some businesses need to rent a vehicle for a long period of time while others may only need a day, all options are offered.